Holiday Must Haves

I wasn’t planning to do a “list” of holiday must haves….I see SO many in the blogosphere and feel like it might be overload for readers….but when a few people on FB said they would love to see one….I decided to suck it up. This list is a mix of things that have been getting heavy  rotation in my wardrobe, things I am recommending to my clientele on the daily and one or two are on my wishlist from Santa. Happy Shopping!



You have seen me sporting them countless times on the blog this fall/winter…they are just so easy to style and I love the pop of color they provide.  I originally thought I would put them up on the shelf come spring but truthfully I can see them styled all the way through spring…Don’t believe me?  Check out the spring outfit ideas below.  I think you will be able to find a great red shoe (potentially on sale) anywhere that you shop…the Sole Society pair below is great….but just in case I love these, these and these.

Red Pumps for Spring
Red Pumps for Spring by thirtysomethingfashion featuring a gold bracelet



I will admit…I was a little late jumping on this bandwagon.  The moto boot hit the fashion scene hard last year, but I wasn’t sure I would get the wear out of them to warrant the pricetag.  I have never been SO wrong.  See, I can admit my fashion mistakes!  Ha!  Seriously though…fell in love with a pair of ASH moto boots at the Neimans event I hosted..with the incentive of an extra 30 percent off I decided to take the plunge.  I literally have not worn a different shoe since day to day.  They are easy, comfortable, cool, stylish…shall I go on?  Obviously they do not work for the office…so if you are just looking at “weekend wear” I would go more conservatively priced like here or here.  If you can wear them during the week..I say go for a splurge like here or here.  In an effort to show off their wearability into the warmer months….outfit ideas below:)

Moto Boots for Spring
Moto Boots for Spring by thirtysomethingfashion featuring a maxi dress


The PantSuit!!!

I usually shy away from pantsuits and rompers because I have a really long torso and in order to get the right fit in length, I have to reconstruct the top.  When this Greylin pantsuit arrived in stores I sold it to one of my clients for New Years Eve.  I loved it so much on her…I decided I wanted to make it work.  So….I purchased the large and had a nearby tailor take in the top and sides for me.  I wore it out Saturday night and couldn’t take a step without a compliment- I think the androgynous look is a really chic sexy unexpected way to dress for holiday parties, no?

How to Style Pantsuit
How to Style Pantsuit by thirtysomethingfashion featuring Topshop


Casual Coats!!!!

I honestly have no idea how I have gotten through the past few winters.  When I worked full time, and dressed pretty formal on the daily…I wore killer Nicole Miller dress coats…. I never really had a need for a true casual coat.   For the past four years, I’ve been pulling a major fashion no no and have been wearing my formal Nicole Miller always…even when I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.  I also have a formal full length ivory coat…gorgeous but looks ridiculous with leggings heading to the gym.  Admitting again, my fashion fail.  So this year…a casual coat is HIGH on the Christmas list.  Hope Santa is listening:)  A few I have my eye on are below:)

Casual Coats
Casual Coats by thirtysomethingfashion featuring a lined jacket


 Delicate Chains!!!

No one loves a great statement necklace more than I but lately I have been craving delicate pieces.  I have been wearing my Nashelle initial necklace alot and it has reminded me how much I love a simple easy to wear item for day to day.  I am hoping to be gifted a delicate piece or two from my guy to layer up with my charm necklace….how about you?  Craving delicate too?  Here are a few of my favs from around the web.

Delicate Necklaces
Delicate Necklaces by thirtysomethingfashion featuring initial jewelry



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5 responses to “Holiday Must Haves”

  1. Shannon says:

    You can never have too much of a good thing Carly! Besides, your lists are different and unique in their own way :). I love pretty much everything on the Red Heels For Spring board (especially the Wild At Heart tank, so cute.)


  2. Ohhh, I’ve been looking forward to this post! I love your style and want all of your must haves. I want the delicate necklaces, those fab nude heels, the pantsuit (of course) and all things leopard. Great picks, pretty girl!

  3. Kristin says:

    I LOVE that jumpsuit you rocked. I want one now! 🙂

  4. Imogen says:

    Amazing pieces. I definitely agree that red heels are a must have (all the time but especially at this time of year).