Bags, Boots and Baubles: My Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I am probably the ONLY fashion blogger who hasn’t teased to this sale for over a month…wait….am I even a fashion blogger anymore?  It is hard to say.  I definitely love to share my style with all of you but my career has taken me to this different place of Personal Styling.  I am lucky if I even update the blog once a month between styling gigs, pop-up boutiques and closet makeovers…BUT… thing remains true, I am damn good at helping women put outfits together.  So….. let’s shop the Nordy’s Anniversary Sale!

For this sale, I don’t really think you need long bullet points and guidelines.  You should shop like you usually do…for things you need…and maybe throw a few “wants” in their too!  My ONLY tip, Nordstrom has free shipping and returns SO if you aren’t sure about a size, order both and return whatever doesn’t work.   I personally focused on bags, boots and baubles because they are pricier items that are deeply discounted.


RAG AND BONE CROSSBODY:  These circle bags have been HOT HOT HOT!  I sold at least 20 to clients over the Spring and Summer.  They are perfect for days where you don’t need a lot of “stuff” and for evenings out to dinner with friends.  Love the unusual shape and just a great update for fall.  LOVE that it is black and brown, so it goes with EVERYTHING.


LONGCHAMP TOTE:  While the above bag is fun and on trend, it doesn’t get MORE classic than this Longchamp Tote.  Carry for YEARS.  It comes in four beautiful colors, although I would definitely recommend black if you want it to stand the test of time.  For all my mamas out there that require a lot of crap (I am pretty much still there with you) this bag can HANDLE IT!




MADEWELL BUCKET BAG:  This deep orange color is TOO DIE FOR!  I mean, really?  I am obsessed with the color AND shape and think this bag looks WAY pricier than the tag, don’t you?  Definitely functional and fashionable, this one is a steal in my opinion.




WHITE BOOTIES:  I rarely like the things they feature in the sale catalog but these white booties have been calling my name since I saw them.  Just think how FRESH they will look for early Fall with all your favorite fall dresses, jeans etc.  This trend is NOT for everyone, but I am here to push you a bit, no?  I think these will be coming home to me.



SAM EDELMAN KNEEHIGH:  Classic and cool, you can’t go wrong with a suede knee high boot for fall.  If you don’t already own one OR you need an update, I love the chunkier heel and round toe on this pair.  Comes in three colors, but I think black is the way to go.  #whydoialwayschooseblack



BOTKIER BOOTIE: You definitely won’t be able to wear these in September as they are faux fur lined for warmth…but come those cold temps, these will probably be your favorite “pull on and go” bootie.  Casual and comfortable but still with a sleek design, I am very smitten with these.


ZOE CHICCO NECKLACE:  If you follow along on my socials, you know I wear a very delicate star and moon diamond necklace EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Honestly, I rarely take it off.  It is so beautiful on its own for day to day AND layers beautifully with longer necklaces for evenings out.  This necklace has a very similar vibe, and I love that it can be worn alone or layered.  Huge believer in investing in REAL for these type of pieces!



DANA REBECCA LISA MICHELLE:  Another delicate but unusual piece that is SURE to garner compliments.  I love the shape and the diamond placement.  This one will definitely sparkle.  Wear alone OR layer with other pieces.


DANA REBECCA JULIANNE HIMIKO:  Obviously I love this STAR diamond necklace.  It is that perfect everyday piece.  I love love love it. I probably should have placed it first, because it just might be my favorite.  I know, if you purchase this you will wear it EVERY DAY.


JCREW WOOL COAT:  I know, I know….coats aren’t in my title BUT I couldn’t leave out a few fabulous coats.  They are investment pieces and are generously marked down for this sale.  Great time to snatch one up and save it for those cooler months.  I have wanted to add a BRIGHT DYNAMIC COLOR coat to my wardrobe for a while.  I think this might be the one!



HELENE BERMAN TWEED:  Tweed coats are so classic and definitely stand the test of time.  This one can literally go with anything from jeans and a lightweight sweater to a fancy black cocktail dress.  I love that kind of versatility, don’t you?




1901 TRENCH COAT:  Well if this isn’t a steal, I don’t know what is.  THREE looks in one.  I recently acquired a trenchcoat (not this brand but sooo similar) and didn’t realize just how much I would wear it.  I LOVE it.  So chic and sophisticated.  Looks great with jeans but also with slacks for work/church.  I love that this one comes with a casual vest that you can easily wear on the weekends to the soccer or baseball fields.  TOTAL STEAL!


CHARLES DAVID PUMPS:  Last but NOT least, my coveted orange pumps.  Well, these aren’t exactly the same BUT they are pretty darn fabulous and a fraction of the price of my Manolos.  You would be surprised how much an orange shoe just “works” with your outfits and provides a super fun POP of color.





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Goldfish Swim School


Over a month ago, Connor (8) and Preston (5) started swim lessons with Goldfish Swim School in Middletown, New Jersey.  Living five minutes from the beach and having a pool in my parents backyard, both boys have been able to “swim” without assistance for some time.  They have had some private lessons on breathing underwater, how to get to the side of the pool, all the basic and essential “safety” instruction.

When we started at Goldfish Swim School, they were assessed and placed in lanes according to their level of swim.  Connor is learning “stroke” and how to breath while swimming.  Preston is working on treading water and more safety skills. The boys have consistently attended each week and I have noticed a difference in their water readiness in just a few short weeks. Connor’s freestyle is getting strong and he is learning to breathe.  My hope is to get him on a swimteam for next summer!  Preston is more confident, which is essential for our beach days, as the ocean is a scary (but exciting) body of water.

***Our Favorite Things About Goldfish Swim School***

*Outdoor swim lessons can be awesome, but weather permitting.  I love that we could start our lessons before the outdoor pools were open for the season AND I loved that it will never be cancelled due to rain or thunderstorms.  Let’s face it, rescheduling “life” is close to impossible.  Haha.

*I am impressed with their diverse assortment of lessons.  They offer private, semi private and group.  They also have “Swim Force” which mimics a swim team environment and exposes them to friendly competition.  Oh, and they even host birthday parties!!!  Learn about all their programs HERE.

*Goldfish Swim School is AFFORDABLE. I have looked into many programs through the years and this one is the MOST affordable I have seen.  We are currently in Group Lessons for both boys.  There are never more than 4 children in their session.  Learn about pricing HERE.

*The “waiting game” is never super fun. They thought of the adults too and is outfitted with comfortable chairs, tables for a desktop computer, and a fun “play” station for the younger siblings.

*Safety in and around the pool is of the upmost concern.  They provide a fun but safe atmosphere for the littles.  There is an instructor in each lane and lifeguards circling the pool at all times.

*The inside of this place is just a kids dream come true….bright, fun and whimsical!  They also have a snack area, so you can either fuel up your kiddo before his/her lesson OR reward them after a job well done.  Oh, and they even have a “Pro Shop” if you forget a swimsuit or goggles.

*This probably shouldn’t deserve its own bullet point BUT they have a swimsuit dryer, which I think is just genius.  #thatisall


Overall, we have had a GREAT experience at Goldfish Swim SchoolI would definitely recommend it to family, friends and of course all of you lovely readers:)  With over 60 locations and growing, you can check out if there is a Goldfish in your area HERE!  I certainly hope there is.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out,









I was given complimentary swim lessons by GoldFish Swim School but as always, all opinions are my own.  


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TSF and Box of Style

Considering I have my own personalized Box Service  it is kind of hard to believe I don’t subscribe to more of them.  Truth be told, not one of them has ever WOW’d me to the point that I said… “I must try this”….UNTIL NOW!

I have partnered with Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style to share my experience with her Summer 2018 box.  I am SMITTEN.  Like seriously smitten.  Obviously, Rachel has killer taste but what I love most about this particular curation is that it is SO usable.  The towel is colorful and vibrant but functional for the beach or pool.  The coverup is perfect over any bathing suit but chic enough to tuck into denim for an “outfit”vibe.  The earrings go with EVERYTHING and are nice and lightweight.  The tote is the chicest pool/beach bag I have seen in a while and last but not least the Kate Somerville lotion might just be a new addiction.  So fresh and hydrating.

I also love this box service because it is seasonal (quarterly) NOT monthly.  Monthly is a huge commitment and I find that you usually don’t even finish with or tire of a product in 4 weeks.  Seasonal gives you a longer time frame to enjoy your goodies and you are actually ready and looking forward to your next #boxofstyle



Bathing suit is NOT in box.  LSpace and available HERE






All photos by Adalie Scott Photography


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