Monday Mingle: Cuttoff Style


I haven’t worn short denim cutoffs in quite some time.  Past summers, I have turned to a bermuda length short….as I was self conscious of the increasing number of spider veins that were taking over my legs.  Although they are hereditary, it seems the pace had quickened since the birth of my boys….I felt like every day a new unsightly vein had arrived.  As many of you know, in early spring I had sclerotherapy to treat them.  The result was great….they aren’t GONE, but I would say improved about 70 percent.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and am elated with the outcome.  It isn’t a perfect fix, as you have to continue to treat veins as they arrive….but I am SO much more confident this summer…skirts and shorts are shorter…so it was worth the $$.  I plan to do it again this winter, per recommendation of the plastic surgeon I worked with…as “maintenance”.  Happy to answer any questions about my experience, if you are interested, just shoot me an email.  NOW, on to style.

Monday Mingle time again!  I hope you will stop by and visit Kristin of BonBon Rose Girls and Nicole of Momtrends to see their stylish posts.  Nicole is hosting this week.  Can’t wait to stop by your blogs…I FINALLY have a few moments to visit with all of you- as I am taking a break from clients this week:)  Happy Monday and hope you find some outfit inspiration!

021 (1024x974)
Cutoffs Ocean Drive, Sweater Third Street Habit Boutique (old), Necklace Stella and Dot available here, Gladiators Saint and Libertine available here

014 (1024x683)


018 (683x1024)

Easy Summer: SusieRaine

I am, obviously a huge fan of simple easy to wear style…especially in the hot summer months like August. Comfort is king with this particular look featured below….yet I didn’t have to sacrifice style…and I definitely am budget friendly!  This shirt and short combo can be yours for just $30!  What I love most, is I can easily pair this top with white jeans, denim skinnies or even printed pants for fall.  The shorts would be adorable with a solid colored tank/tee and a blazer come the cooler weather.  If I am feeling a little edgy, the shorts might even be cute with tights and boots!  Ah, the possibilities.

A big sincere THANK YOU to the ladies of online shop SusieRaine, for gifting me this adorable look and allowing me to share this amazing DEAL with my readers.  I know sizing is limited, so hurry along now ladies:)  HAPPY SHOPPING!

*I am wearing a SMALL top and MEDIUM shorts.  The shirt runs full, and although I usually like a Medium shirt, Small fits perfectly.  On the bottom I am a 4/6- usually closer to 6 and the medium also fits me perfectly.

015 (780x1024)
Top/Shorts c/o SusieRaine and available here and here. Necklace and bracelets Stella and Dot available here, here, here here and here. Bag Marc Jacobs old but similar here, Shoes NYLA sold out

053 (702x1024)

024 (1024x698)

030 (1024x738)

059 (1024x741)

044 (669x1024)

Monday Mingle: Girls Weekend


I am lucky to have remained extremely close to a group of my college friends.  We hail from so many different states these days….but we set aside a weekend annually to all get together.  It is always a blast…we just know each other so well…we pick right back up where we left off.  Food, cocktails, dancing and amazing conversation- there are few other places that I would rather be.  This year we took Dewey Beach by storm…it was…well…interesting.  I haven’t been to bars with inches of sludge on the floor in quite some time…but it was FUN…and we had a blast….always do when I am with these people.  How was your weekend?  Any fun adventures?

#MondayMingle time again- Be sure to pop by and visit Nicole of Momtrends and Kristin of BonBon Rose Girls.  They always serve up some fabulous style on Mondays.  The linkup is being hosted by Nicole this week.  Happy Monday:)


014 (1024x1024)
Dress Language Los Angeles (old), Necklaces Stella and Dot available here and here, Shoes c/o Yellowbox Shoes available here ON SALE

033 (1024x899)

036 (1024x795)

028 (793x1024)

Selfie Sandwich
Pay no mind to the crushed bud light cans all over the floor, what?
Jens Bday Cake latenight is always a good idea!


Monday Mingle: Summer Style


For me, summer hasn’t really arrived until I am wearing a maxi dress and wedges.  It is just the epitome of summertime style, no?  I love the classic stripes and easy fit of this one featured below.  Adding in the braided belt, wedges and fedora really give it some personal style…which is key for me…finding ways to make the simple look my own.  Are maxis a favorite for you as well?  How would you style the one featured below?

#MondayMingle time again….the stylish collaboration between myself, Kristin of BonBon Rose Girls and Nicole of MomTrends.   I hope you will join in the linkup below….we love seeing what everyone is wearing.  Hope you find some outfit inspiration and make it a great week!


001 (702x1024)
Dress MattyM available via The Box Service, Belt c/o Hearts, Hat c/o Sole Society, Shoes Stuart Weitzman, Necklaces c/o Chloe and Isabel and Stella and Dot

015 (1024x919)


026 (1024x795)

011 (700x1024)


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Monday Mingle: Boyfriends


One of the boutiques I work with invited me to her denim buy for fall last week…… “boyfriends” are still majorly on the scene!  Thank goodness, because they are my absolute favs.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good skinny jean…but boyfriends…well they just have a cool factor that is hard to describe.  I ESPECIALLY love pairing them with strappy heels for a night out….the juxtaposition of the casual and dressy is just my style:)  I went to a dinner with a few friends Saturday night and this is what I wore.  Pretty silk tank, some fun accessories, boyfriends and my new Steve Madden strappies (that I got for the wedding I went to Friday night, but think they will serve me well otherwise).  Honorable mention to my almost makeup free face…I rarely do that for a night out….but with a slight tan it just seemed to work…I freaking LOVE summer for that reason:)

It’s #MondayMingle time!  The stylish collaboration between myself, BonBon Rose Girls and Momtrends.  Nicole is hosting this week so pop by her site to join in the fun.  Hope you find some outfit inspiration and make it a great week!


035 (663x1024)
Top Language Los Angeles, Necklace Stella and Dot available here, Boyfriend Jeans Level 99 similar available here, Shoes Steve Madden available here, Clutch c/o Sole Society (old), Sunglasses c/o available here


013 (1024x768)


036 (814x1024)


038 (1024x805)


005 (715x1024)



Monday Mingle: Bohemian Style


Everything about this dress has me wanting to go barefoot and turn up the Bob Marley…instead…I celebrated a dear friends baby boy at her shower.  I decided to dress appropriately and wear shoes, ha!   I did skip the bra though….SEE, I told you I am a hippie at heart:)  I realize not everyone can do that…and truthfully this style would be really difficult for a busty body type.  If you love the vibe, but can’t wear this particular cut, pop by the eShakti site…they have a Boho Chic collection and each item is more adorable than the next…I want it ALL!  Secretly hoping this style post helps awaken your bohemian side…Happy Shopping!

It’s #MondayMingle time, the fun fashion link up hosted by myself, Kristin of BonBon Rose Girls and Nicole from Momtrends.  Join in the fun, link up and then visit with all our stylish friends.  I have made some of the best blogging relationships through Monday Mingle…and hope you do too!  Happy Monday:)

016 (795x1024)
Dress c/o eShakti same body style, different print available here, Necklace Stella and Dot available here, Shoes Manolo Blahnik (old)

044 (1024x683)

038 (1024x755)

022 (682x1024)

002 (795x1024)

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Monday Mingle: Floral for Fathers Day


Hope all of you had an amazing weekend.  We had a beautiful couple days…the weather was just gorgeous here at the Jersey Shore.  I had a photo session with my boys at the Boardwalk Friday…a great poolday Saturday…and then a beautiful day at Eagle Oaks for Fathers Day.  Decided to sport this London Times floral dress.  I will admit, I don’t wear florals often….I am not super girlie in my personal style….but sometimes you just want to wear a pretty dress.  I have blogged numerous times about this here and here…..great fit, affordable pricetag…whats not to love?  London Times always delivers.

Do you wear florals?  How would you style this dress?  I kept it simple with a cool peep toe and some fun jewelry.  Hope your week is off to a great start!  Don’t forget to check out my #MondayMingle friends Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls and Nicole from Momtrends…always super stylish:)  Kristin is hosting.  Hope you find some outfit inspiration and make it a great week:)


047 (588x1024)
Dress c/o London Times similar HERE and HERE, Jewelry Stella and Dot available here, here and here, Glasses c/o similar available here, Shoes Christian Louboutin (old)

053 (693x1024)

075 (683x1024)

090 (683x1024)

116 (755x1024)

Bathing Suit Style




Bathing Suit Target (last season), Coverup Angie (also, last season- end of year sale)similar available here, Hat c/o Sole Society available here, Sandals Yellowbox available here, Bag c/o Sole Society available here

I featured this look on instagram Saturday morning.  The boys and I hit our new pool for the day and I can honestly say we had a BLAST!  I am still not sure who had more fun…them…or me?  After all the drama from the prior week, it was so nice to just be a kid with my kids…and enjoy what really matters….my family:)  I put a pool/beach day look together the same way I would a regular outfit.  You can think me nutty…even I will admit, it kind of is….I just love to coordinate, what can I say?  So a quick little feature for you…hopefully you find some poolday inspiration:)

It is #MondayMingle time again…the stylish collab between myself, BonBon Rose Girls and Momtrends.  The link is being hosted by Nicole this week…be sure to pop by and visit them both to see what stylish adventures they have been up to.  Make it a great week!





Bathing Suit Style

Monday Mingle: Bohemian Style



#MondayMingle time again….the stylish collaboration between myself, BonBon Rose Girls and Momtrends.  I am happily sharing my favorite kind of spring style…Bohemian!  I am not sure why…but the warmer weather always brings out the inner bohemian in me.  I think it is just the ease of throwing on a flowing dress that has me.  Last featured here with boots this dress is getting serious play this Spring/Summer.  The fun new addition were my gladiator sandals.  As you know it was trial and error finding this particular pair.  I must have ordered three before landing on these.

Gladiator Sandal Shopping Tips:

1.  If you can go to a store with a large selection like a Nordstroms, that is your best bet.  I found trying different vendors, sizes and heights was essential for me in finding the perfect pair.  I must have spent an additional 40 dollars on shipments back and forth.

2. Adjustable via buckles or ties is the way to go…this way you can customize (to a degree) how it fits your calf.  Remember the Stuart Weitzmans I was ready to splurge on? and then the calf fat they so kindly provided?  The pair below has a buckle that allows me to adjust them. I am choosing to wear them on the looser side.

3.  I plan to wear these a ton this summer…but truth be told, this is a trendy item.  Although I was originally ready to make a serious investment, I would suggest staying within a reasonable price point.  There are lots of options at all pricepoints.  If you need any suggestions, definitely shoot me an email.  Happy to help guide you.

I can’t wait to see what you are wearing. The linky is being hosted by Nicole over at Momtrends this week.  Happy Monday!!!

Free People Dress (older style), Alexander Wang Bag (old), Saint and Libertine Gladiators available here, Bracelet Stella and Dot available here, Fedora c/o Sole Society available here





Bohemian Summer Style



Monday Mingle: SwimSuit Style and Giveaway


When I originally received the pitch from AmiClubWear and popped by their site, I was going to gratefully decline.  Firstly, as a thirty-something mom of two, I am not a regular on the club scene.  Secondly, my style, although sometimes edgy, does not consist of short skirts, bare midriffs or tight dresses.  The pitch was smart though…she took some time to go to my site (which often does not happen with press pitches) and knew I was a mom and more on the conservative side of things.  She then linked to countless swimsuits.  Smart.  They were swimsuits I would wear…many of them one piece and kid friendly.

I personally only wear inexpensive bathing suits.  I am sure there are many who would argue the latter, but I have invested in brands like Vix before..and unfortunately they didn’t hold up any better than my less expensive suits.  So why spend the extra money?  My usual suspects are Target, Old Navy and Victoria Secret. What I like about turning to a site like AmiClubWear is that they are wallet friendly but more unusual.  Same school of thought as boutique shopping….you won’t see yourself coming and going.  Some of my favorites are HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!

For those popping in, please be kind…I am a busy mom of two who hits the gym once or twice a week….I am COMPLETELY aware that Victoria Secret will NOT be calling.  I could have easily just shown the model below in the suit, but that wouldn’t have been very real…and you know I am all about keeping it real here on TSF.  Aside from daring to bare…..

It is also #MondayMingle time!  Monday Mingle is the stylish collaboration between BonBon Rose Girls, Momtrends and myself….Nicole is hosting the linkup this week, so please pop by check out what they are wearing and share your style.  Hope everyone has a great week and remember to ENTER THE SWIMSUIT GIVEAWAY BELOW!!!


Bathing Suit c/o AmiClubWear available for purchase here. Earrings Stella and Dot available here.



Bathing Suit AmiClubWear, Coverup Lucy Love, Fedora c/o Sole Society available here





1.  Like AmiClubWear on Facebook HERE

2.  Leave a comment that you did so on this post.


Winner chosen via 5/5/14.  Suit shown above in size of choice.  US residents only.


Photos by Adalie Scott Photography.  Follow along on Facebook for special promotions.


Teres Kids: Toddler Style and My New Camo

In 2013, I have been making an effort to bring you a little more than “thirtysomethingfashion”.  Part of that change has been showcasing my little men a bit more and sharing their fashion and style. Connor is sporting a tee from Teres Kids, a clothing line made in the USA of all organic materials helping kids stay comfortable and active.  Although the focus is making all children happy, it is an amazing resource for those children with tactile and sensory issues as the clothing is hand selected for its softness and sans itchy tags. Connor has always been pretty easygoing about clothing/fabrics but I have many friends whose children definitely complain about scratchy materials and tags.  This line is a great solution.  The tee is the softest I have touched (probably ever) but I would compare it to your favorite sorority tee that has been washed and worn for a  decade minus the stains, tears and beat up condition.  In a nutshell, the tee is extremely soft, well made and Connor loved it!  I would be leaving out the obvious if I didn’t mention my new found affection for the camo skinnies below. Thank you Sarah for sending me the link to this pair! I love the capri length, the zipper sides and adore that the fit is casual but not sloppy.  Hope you find some outfit inspiration for you and your tot!  Make it a great week:)

I am wearing: Shirt Men’s Webster for Target (old), Camo Skinnies BGD available here, Necklace c/o Zolie Designs (no longer available), Sandals Target available here, Watch c/o Invicta (no longer available), Bag Marc Jacobs (no longer available)
Connor is wearing:  Heal the Bay Tee c/o Teres Kids available here, GAP jeans, TOMS shoes

For every “Heal the Bay T-Shirt” sold, 30 percent goes back to the “Heal the Bay” organization keeping southern California coastal waters clean and safe.

Hallelujah for the Maxi!

We had our first official outing as a family of four to the boardwalk Friday night. After spending an hour packing overnight luggage a diaper bag for ANY circumstance that might come our way, we were off! Connor had a blast…he is now tall enough for most of the rides, so he goes on by himself…such a big boy:)  Preston slept peacefully the entire time..The cool sea air knocked him out…can someone bottle that please? To say I am tired would be the understatement of the century…Preston feeds every 2 1/2 to 3 hours so I feel like every time I lay my head to the pillow, it’s time to start the process all over again. Other than dark circles (note large sunglasses in outfit post) and a zombie like haze, things are going pretty good and we are in love with the little guy more and more each day. Sharing what I wore for a boardwalk stroll below.  Maxi dresses are my post partum “hallelujah”!  Hope you find some outfit inspiration.

Maxi Dress H&M SWAPPED via BISTM, Vest Old Navy, Belt Vintage, Hoops and Bracelet via Lola’s Boutique, Boot Jeffrey Campbell, Clutch Deux Lux

* You have to check out this amazing new site, BISTM.  A place to buy, sell and trade gently worn clothes…think of it as an online consignment shop.  It is so user friendly and also really fun to “swap” clothing with others.  The above maxi dress is from H&M and I swapped it with the founder of the site, Lisa (who also has an amazing style blog Stilettos and Diaper Bags).  If you are interested in checking out her closet, click here.


As promised, I am documenting myself til the bitter end….37 weeks and counting folks. This Von Vonni has proven to be a great non maternity, maternity dress. I find myself turning to the same three maxi dresses and relying solely on accessories to make my look fresh and unique. We had a final (before baby) get together with my husbands family yesterday and this was what I wore. The Coin 1804 vest has been a staple on the scene as you may remember from this post and I recently purchased the Stella and Dot necklace below.  I have had my eye on it for a while and then a friend of mine had a party, necklace was on sale, the rest is history.  Smitten with all the neutral tones here…kind of speaks to the transition from summer to fall. Are you as excited as I am for earth tones, jeans, boots and layers? Hope you find some outfit inspiration and make it a great week:)

Dress Von Vonni similar available here,  Vest c/o Coin 1804 available here,  Stella and Dot Necklace no longer available but similar here,  Bracelets mix of Lia Sophia and Leigh Ann Barnes, Clutch Louis Vuitton, Shoes Stuart Weitzman

Maternity Mondays: Pop Pop Pop

What a great weekend:)  My husband didn’t have to work (he usually does) so we enjoyed the beautiful weather with trips to the park and boardwalk. This is the time of year that I ADORE living at the Jersey Shore.  Simple weekend wear featured….what made it modern and up to date were the little “pops” of color. The Sam Edelman’s are a new purchase…big fan of the neutral tone and then the “pop” of orange on the strap. I also love this Vintage Havana tank with the “pop” of neon yellow. All generally subtle, but add a little bit of interest. No maternity wear in this post, just a skirt with a lot of stretch and tank with major tummy forgiveness.  Hope you find some outfit inspiration and have a great week:)

Black Tank Dynamic, Striped Tank Vintage Havana, Skirt Velvet c/o Third Street Habit , Fedora Lola’s Boutique, Necklace (short) gift (long) Katherine’s Boutique, Gold Hoops Lola’s Boutique, Sandals Sam Edelman

Longer necklace was a recent purchase from one of my “Box Service” boutiques. I love how it mixes and matches with pieces I already own.  More available for purchase $38. Email with interest.

Couldn’t resist featuring my lil man…wearing the most hilarious T-shirt.. it says “The Dark Side of the Spoon”.  When you laugh out loud in a children’s clothing boutique you have to make the purchase. Any other Pink Floyd fans out there?  (Tshirt from Sarah Kiddles in Point Pleasant)

As usual, I am linking up with the lovely ladies of Monday Mingle!  Fashion post? You should join in too!


If the slightest hesitation on what to wear occurs, I faithfully turn to black and white staples. This color combination stands the test of time and is always chic.  Hubs, Connor and I were heading to my sisters for a small backyard bbq and cocktails…..wanted to achieve comfortable yet stylish.  We enjoyed a night of chasing the little guy around and some great conversation. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend…it’s not over yet…..Off to an afternoon play date…here is to hoping to rain holds out!

Tank Gap, Skirt RYU, Necklace Sunshine Daydreams, Bracelets Nicole Miller, Clutch Target, Shoes Nine West

Skirt is still available for purchase ($65) in small and large, please email w interest.  SOLD OUT!

Relaxing…but not for long…..

Chasing little man around the yard……

Seriously….is he posing for the camera already???   Connor is wearing Baby Gap Shorts, Shirt and Shoes

Night ended with an empty bottle of my favorite summertime cocktail…the Skinny Girl Margarita. Yum!

Happy Sunday!