Family PhotoShoot: Spring 2013

You might remember this post from my Instagram feed a few weeks back.  I featured the outfits we would be wearing for our family photo shoot.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from the day days.  I must say….this photo shoot was like having a third c-section.  I had NO idea the coordination and patience a multiple child photo shoot would require.  My photographer, Nicole (who is nothing short of a genius) captured the most beautiful images and to most the afternoon probably appears calm and chaos free….nothing could be further from the truth.  The first set of shots were taken a weeknight down by the water.  The shoot lasted about 12 minutes…in our defense…it was 48 degrees.  Connor ran away to play on the playground and then had to pee in the bushes.  Preston cried from the moment we laid down the quilted blanket and had snot running down his face for most of those shots.  We chalked it up to being “too cold” and decided to reschedule for the weekend.  Yet again, my normally cheerful, never stops smiling baby was pissed.  Not as pissed as the other day, but certainly not his giggly self. Connor had already “done this” and had received his milkshake for being good behind the camera.  Knowing there wasn’t anything more in it for him, he decided not to cooperate and actually had a tantrum (which is very unlike him). Ah!!!!!  Somehow we managed to capture these beautiful moments in time but I am pretty sure I aged a few years.

* All photos by Nicole Rosemarie Photography.  If you are in the New Jersey area, find out more about her services by visiting her Facebook Page.

and finally ….one of the ONLY smiles of the entire shoot…..

Thank you Nicole!

Thought I would share some maternity/family photos we took last month.  I adore Nicole, the photographer, because she is creative, talented and most importantly (when it comes to newborn and children’s photography) she is patient.  I am always surprised by her amazing shots and this shoot was no exception.  Honestly, the shoot was a bit of a disaster….Sun in our eyes, sand blowing in our faces, Connor took off into the water and was soaking wet from the waist down within ten minutes.  Photoshoot ended shortly thereafter, but somehow, Nicole pulled out a plethora of beautiful shots for me to choose from. If you live in the New Jersey area, I highly recommend visiting her Facebook Page here and scheduling with her.  She has been Connor’s photographer since birth and will remain with our family as long as she is willing:) Thank you Nicole!

Nicole Rosemarie Photography
*Remember my inspiration board here?  The dress ended up being perfect and I decided to ditch the jewelry for a more natural feel.  Dress Calypso St Bart, Stud Earrings gift from my husband, Sunhat (below photo) Helen Kaminski, Quilt photographers prop.

Nicole Rosemarie Photography

Nicole Rosemarie Photography

Nicole Rosemarie Photography

Nicole Rosemarie Photography

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Birthday Mash Up!

As most of you know, my baby turned 2 this weekend- Wanted to share my easy entertaining outfit, some birthday party shots and some favorites from my two year old photo session with the best New Jersey family photographer, Nicole Rosemarie.  If you live in the Jersey Shore area, she is amazing! Hope you find some outfit inspiration and have a great week:)

Shirtdress Quicksilver, Vest Banana Republic, Necklace SOKO, Bracelet Leigh Ann Barnes, Belt Nicole Miller, Bag Tano, Cowboy Boots Frye

Probably my most worn boots in my entire closet. I have had these Frye “Billy” for years and they just get better with age.


My mother in law got him this fun slide, and he didn’t leave it ALL day.

Literally all day…..

Probably my favorite shot from the photo session.  Photo credit Nicole Rosemarie Photography

He looks like SUCH a big boy here…..   Photo credit Nicole Rosemarie Photography

I always love candids…great moment she captured here!  Photo credit Nicole Rosemarie Photography

Happy Shopping!