New Discovery: Lysse Leggings

My aunt owns a unique floral and gift shop in Bay Head and she always has a huge blowout sale before the New Year.  I picked up a pair of seamed leggings by a brand called Lysse (that I had never heard of).  I wore them on Saturday, as shared in the Instagram photo below and am smitten…and whenever I am smitten….I am sure to share it with all of you.

Sweater unknown, Scarf and Hat c/o Topshop, Leggings Lysse, Moto Boots Ash available here on super sale

My two top requests from clients for casual weekend wear are a “great white tee” and a “great pair of black leggings”.  The prerequisite for the leggings… muffin top, not too thin of a material and comfort.  I have had success with a few boutique brands here and there….for example Level 99 made a great suede legging this fall…BUT…I have failed to find a brand dedicated specifically to leggings…fit, quality, comfort, different styles, lengths…that I can turn to always.  It seems like my fashion prayers for this resource have been answered!  Some things I love….thick fabrication that holds you in, fashionable, stylish and they are HIGH-WAISTED so there is not a roll or muffin in sight!!!  Exciting, right?  Check out some of my favorite styles below and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Leather Paneled Leggings available HERE for $84


Casual Cargo Leggings available HERE for $68


Classic Black w Zipper Detail available HERE for $84

Counting Down in Red Heels

Is it possible to be extremely grateful and extremely overwhelmed at the same time?  Well, yes it is….I am so thankful for all these amazing opportunity to be shopping for clients with less than FIVE days until Xmas…but I am so freaking overwhelmed to get it all done and still have everything wrapped and ready to go for my OWN loved ones.  My rational self knows I will get it all done….but my emotional self is all over the damn place.

I shot these down by the train tracks again with the lovely Amy of Adalie Scott Photography….these might be some of my favorite shots EVER on the blog!  I have been sporting these red heels like no other lately..don’t pretend like you didn’t notice.  I am not ashamed.  They are just the perfect compliment to all the classic black and white I wear.  Hope you find some outfit inspiration and Happy Wednesday:)

carlytrain21 (671x1024)
Blazer c/o Kohls, Blouse c/o RD Style, Leather Skinnies Dex, Necklace Stella and Dot, Bracelets c/o Luxe Auctions, Pumps B by Brian Atwood

carlytrain15 (1024x683)

carlytrain25 (683x1024)

carlytrain18 (683x1024)

carlytrain19 (1024x683)

carlytrain23 (683x1024)

How I Became a Working Personal Stylist

I believe in paying it forward.  Sharing your knowledge with others so that they too can realize their dreams.  It doesn’t mean you have to share the inner workings of your business…but sharing bits and pieces can inspire others and is just the right thing to do…at least it seems that way to me.  I probably consult once or twice a month.  Nothing formal…usually a phone call or a quick meeting.  I often have emails waiting in my inbox from college students or recent graduates in fashion to help with events or asking some guidance.  I also have spoken with quite a few fashion bloggers who are looking to take their blogs to the next level and turn them into a business.  I never charge…and probably should…afterall time is money and all that jazz….but the truth is I enjoy sharing. In no way, shape or form am I saying I know it all….certainly learning as I go…but something is working and going right.  I am consistently growing, getting busier and busier.  I work a solid three days a week and for the second year I will actually be making money at this styling thing.  So here is some advice, if you wish to take it:)

1. WORK RETAIL. I give this advice to any young person starting out in the industry. Retail is a tough gig…but it is the beating heart of the fashion industry. In my opinion it is essential to being a successful personal stylist, shopper or closet expert. You will learn the ins and outs…no college class can teach….you will work with all different types of customers….with an array of personalities and body types. I am always perplexed by “fashion experts” and “personal stylists” that have never actually worked with people in a retail setting. It seems odd to me. If you are looking to work one on one with clients one day…I would recommend seeking out a boutique setting as opposed to a department store. You will be trained in more personalized service and will be exposed to the buying, merchandising and operational processes of retail. If you are good at what you do, you will also most likely connect with a clientele and make relationships that could potentially start your career when you are ready to branch out on your own.

2. GET INVOLVED. Network in your community and get involved in fashion events. Any fashion production company will always welcome volunteers and although you won’t be paid, you will see the inner workings of fashion events. Same for boutiques. Network with boutique owners and offer to help out or volunteer unpaid when they have special events. If you ever wish to style fashion shows or models this is hands on knowledge and look at it as an investment in your future. Some of my highest paychecks over the past three years working as TSF have been from fashion show production.

3. TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY. When I first started The Box Service I had no minimums and would literally take every opportunity to “style someone” that came my way. Any friend or friend of a friend who wanted there closet done…I would donate my time. I am not suggesting you do this for long periods of time but like anything, you have to pay your dues. If you want to have the flexibility, freedom and empowerment that comes from working for yourself you must also put in the blood, sweat, tears and investment. After about 3 or 4 months of doing this….I had built a first tier of clientele and it has proven to work for me. Important to note…you must be sure to let the client know the normal service fee and that you are waiving the fee for them as a one time courtesy. If you love what you do and provide value, they will absolutely book you in the future. This worked for me and the first tier have become my core clients that get seasonal boxes and roll in the rack services. My donation of time has paid for itself tenfold. Fast forward three years and I have put minimums (clients must spend a certain amount) on boxes and can only book paid closets…if you do good work and are passionate…this will happen for you!

4. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. Times are changing. More and more people are shopping online and getting personalized service from online retailers. If you want a piece of that pie you have to think outside of the box. What makes you different? Unique? What service or convenience can you provide that they cannot get elsewhere? After some time, your deep personal relationships will be the reason that clients come back, but until then you have to grab them with something they need! For me, it was most definitely my box service. By shipping specifically curated fashion boxes to clients doorsteps I have saved them countless hours online, trips to and from the mall and also lend my professional styling aesthetic. I style about two boxes per week consistently throughout the year (except for January and July) and this is my fastest growing service.

If you have specific questions I can answer for you, please feel free to email me or leave a comment below. I would love to help inspire you on your fashion journey. Best of luck!!!

Continuing Trends for 2013

I wanted to kick the year off with some fashion tips and trends for 2013…. Tips that ring true any season, any year and make for a better wardrobe……trends that are here to stay through Spring and possibly further.  Working as closely as I do with boutiques, I am kept in the know about what is hot for the season ahead based on what was shown at the trade shows. I thought I would let you in on what is here to stay and provide you with some links and ideas on where to make your purchases (with any luck on sale). Hope you have recovered from your New Years Eve celebrations…I was snuggled on my couch with my favorite men and was  asleep before the ball dropped..probably not my most exciting New Years but possibly one of my favorites. Enjoy and Happy Shopping:)


Purple Dress c/o eShakti  Plaid Shirt c/o Tailor4Less

I always tell personal shopping clients to get to know a great tailor. No two bodies are the same and yet we buy off the rack as if they are. Knowing a great tailor (or utilizing your own sewing machine) will make your clothing appear as if they were specifically made for you.  A few online retailers know this to be true and are making it even easier for you. The purple dress featured above is made by eShakti, a feminine brand that specializes in dresses and skirts.  The plaid button down is made by Tailor4Less specializing in suiting and shirts.  Both have amazing customization options and guarantee a perfect fit!

Hat San Diego Hat Co, Scarf Banana Republic, Necklace Stella and Dot, Turquoise Necklace Sunshine Daydreams

Any closet or wardrobe worth coveting has great accessories.  Scarves, jewelry and interesting add ons can take a bland boring outfit to super fashionable status.   One thing I know for certain is the accessories trend is not going anywhere.  You will see a plethora of hats, scarves and fabulous baubles for Spring 2013.A few of my favorite online resources for statement jewelry are Lydell, Stella and Dot, Noonday Collection and for local handmade items I love Zolie Designs.  Strangely Old Navy has a great selection of scarves- I have had a lot of luck there.  Nordstroms has a great selection of hats and always has great after Holiday sales.


Orange Blazer unknown, Chocolate Brown Blazer SAVA, Mint Blazer Esley, Hot Pink Blazer c/o LOFT

Blazers made a serious splash onto the fashion scene this past Spring.  I invested in a few and am so glad I did.  All signs point to the blazer fast becoming a wardrobe staple even for those of us who don’t report to a 9 to 5.  This is an item that I say “splurge” on for a great fabric/fit but if it it isn’t in the budget here are some great options for both a save and splurge.  Budget friendly my favorites are this one from LOFT and this one  from The Limited (oh and this one  is also fab)!  If you have Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket try these splurges here, here and the total classic splurge here.

Chambray Shirt Old Navy, Denim Button Down JCrew Factory

I can’t imagine that most of you reading do not have a denim/chambray shirt in your closet.  I was late to the gate with this trend…hopped on in the Spring of 12 and haven’t looked back.  I wear mine constantly and will continue to do so into the Spring of 13.  Inexpensive option here and a pricier one here.

Leather Jacket Steve Madden, Leather Gloves SAVA, Leather Skinnies Nicole Miller, Leather Vest Rachel Zoe

Leather, especially in black, was popping up all over the Spring 13 fashion runways a few months back.  I think you will see the leather skinnies/pants trend continue on (and pick up some additional lighter colors) and you will also see warmer weather leather pieces like skirts, tanks and tank dresses.  So don’t put those leather pieces away too soon…and if you don’t own is a great time to stock up!  Check out the jackets here.  The trend unfortunately doesn’t come cheap but if you buy a great tank dress like here or here …you can layer it up for cold weather and wear it alone when it gets warmer.  The entire “leather” section of Asos is on sale here and totally worth a browse.

Red Denim Level 99, Grey Skinnies Genetic, Snakeskin Jeans Rich and Skinny

The powerhouse colored/printed skinny jean is not losing much steam come Spring.  Of course you will be pairing it with loose fitting white T’s and denim jackets…but the jeans will remain a staple.  I, for one, am elated.  Partly because I own several pairs and partly because it is just so easy to make it appear as if you spent time planning your outfit.  For inexpensive options I like these, these and these.  Pricier pairs available here, here and the ones I just got for Xmas here.

Hope you enjoyed this round up and stay tuned for more features like these in 2013!  Happy New Year!



Thirteen days without power and it has officially been RESTORED!  Thank you to all of the line workers, specifically the crew from Virginia (how fitting my home state came to our aid)  who brought our street back to life yesterday.   Now that we are home, life can get somewhat back to normal….and since I am settled, I can now focus on donating items and offering to help extended family.  My immediate family was spared any damage from Sandy but my aunt and my husbands family are left without homes and businesses….for them, the work of rebuilding is going to be a long hard journey that has just begun.  Still heavily relying on comfort, I thought this bow sweater was a really sweet addition to my wardrobe and would easily dress up and down depending upon what I paired it with. Obviously more to the casual side here, as I went to watch the Alabama game (disappointing) at a local watering hole on Saturday afternoon.  Hope you find some outfit inspiration and thank you for stopping by:)

Sweater French Connection (sold out),  Jeans c/o Dickie’s and available here, Tote Bag Andi’s Boutique, Flats Bloch available here,

Additional Totes available for purchase $85 inquire via email

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Fall 2012 Must Haves

A Fabulous Hat
– Whether it is wider brimmed or a simple fedora, a hat makes a statement.  It lends a “pulled together” feeling to the most casual outfits…..think t-shirt and jeans but up a notch.

Love this hat from Boden USA.  The plum color is completely on trend for fall and will compliment both black and brown which is always a bonus.  If the above doesn’t strike your fancy, I am also digging this one, slightly more affordable and the camel is also complimentary to all fall colors.

Sassy Denim 
– Printed or colored,  a fresh take on denim is everywhere for fall. Easy to wear and looks great!

My sister just gifted me this pair of Rich and Skinny’s that I had been eyeing at a local boutique.  If there were ever motivation to get back in my size, these bad ass snakeskin jeans are IT! Less expensive snakeskin option here at Macy’s.  If printed denim is too wild for you, try an inexpensive colored denim like these from Old Navy.  For under $30 you can ease into the trend and if you find it isn’t for you, at least you didn’t spend a fortune trying it out (although I think you will be smitten).

The Leather Vest 
-I see the leather vest as a really important fall piece in my wardrobe as it will instantly update shirts and dresses that you already own.  By throwing such a fabulous piece on, you draw the attention to the new addition and away from the “last season” feeling of what’s underneath.

A complete and utter splurge but complete and utter perfection this Rachel Zoe Vest is officially on my birthday list.  I love everything about it and would wear it weekly over EVERYTHING.  A more budget friendly option available here and here, and for those who don’t wear leather what about this or even this faux option.

Cap Toe’d Pump
-Pumps are a must have every fall and 2012 is no exception.  What makes these pumps special is the capped toe for a bit of old hollywood glam.  These can easily take you to work and out to play…double duty is always a good thing!

I love this Stuart Weitzman shoe available in a plethora of colors and better yet, it is half off.  What a score!  This Rachel Roy pair are awfully pretty and perfect for work.  This pair from DSW..great for bank account, work or play while these Sam Edelman’s are so darn fabulous for a night on the town…OMG!

Leather Leggings/Jeggings
-I purchased my Nicole Miller pair at the end of the season last year, so maybe that is why I have leather leggings on the brain.  For whatever reason, I am smitten and they are on the TOP of the list of “I can’t wait to wear” after pregnancy.  Whether you wear faux or the real deal, grab a pair for fall!

These GUESS Leather Skinnies are a great value and I love the mix of ponte and leather. My Nicole Miller pair is very similar to these.  This faux pair by Blank is an awesome option and comes in both black and plum as well as this Kardashian Collection pair for under $20! Can’t beat that for a trendy of the moment item:)

The Tweed Jacket
-Another fall classic updated for fall 2012.  I love the idea of tweed mixed with your favorite denim for a casual look, worn to work with a pencil skirt or even paired with the leather leggings as shown below.  Tweed will be getting alot of play this fall!

I love the mix of textures on this Michael Kors Jacket.  If you aren’t in agreement and want something more classic, what about this option from White House Black Market?  This less expensive option available at Chloe Loves Charlie here is equally as great! 

The Leopard Blouse 
I know, I know, leopard is always featured for fall….but it really does look so great.  Infact, it is so mainstream, I tell clients they are fine to tuck it under a black blazer for work and of course it looks great with denim for a more playful vibe.  I am stepping it up a notch this fall and instead of little accents of leopard here and there, I am going full on print baby. Join me!

Forever 21 hits the mark with the above leopard blouse for under $25.  I like it as much as this one by Ark & Co.  I also like the softer details on this one.  One of them will definitely be mine.

Happy Shopping!

Last Call For Leather

OK, maybe not the official LAST call….but compatible weather for full on leather pants is slowly coming to an end.  Since they were a total splurge, I am trying to wear them a few more times before seasonal retirement.  In order to feel daytime appropriate……I paired my skin tight pants with an easy to wear button down and cardigan.  I am calling it the “mullet” look…all business on top and complete party down below:)   Hope you find some outfit inspiration and have a great week!

Nicole Miller Leather Pants available here, Printed Blouse Banana Republic old, Cardigan Banana Republic old, Vintage Havana Fur Vest similar style here,   Bag Burberry old,  Gold Chain Stella and Dot available here, Bracelet gifted, Shoes Christian Louboutin available here

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Honesty and Von Vonni

Let’s talk honesty folks……When I started this blog I promised myself that it would be REAL.  I would only feature outfits that I actually wear, only partner with brands that I love and respect and only recommend items that I either owned or had the opportunity to touch and feel.  So in one swift click, I stripped away the Google Ads, turned down inquiries for advertising and even said “No Thanks” to a few giveaways……and although some days I wonder if I am being stupid….MOST days I feel really empowered.  We are in control of VERY little in life (especially w a toddler ruling my world) so it is beyond important to me to have control over this space. I have kept that promise to myself and am really proud of my voice and authenticity.  You might not like my style, taste or recommendations…and that is OK, but they are all my own.  I appreciate brands wanting to get involved and when the time is right, I am sure I will partner and offer advertising.  Who knows what the future holds, maybe Louis Vuitton will be my next sponsor inquiry? A girl can dream, right?
*long story where this “rant” came from……..

Now back to the important part….the clothes….. Below is the Von Vonni dress that I featured a few weeks ago here. I sold it to 4 clients and decided I had to have it myself…here are my favorite ways to wear it.

Dress Von Vonni, Headband Ann Taylor, Earrings and Necklace Sunshine Daydreams

Love how the back ended up on this…So beautiful and bare.

Who doesn’t love the one shoulder trend? I just twisted the long pieces of fabric together and this is how it turned out! Love!

I am not blessed with a large chest and can go braless most of the time, but so many women cannot. This dress can be full coverage, bra friendly and still sexy as hell. This is actually my second favorite way to wear it. So regal.

The dress is still available for purchase for $99 plus shipping if you are interested. Currently in black and additional colors based on inquiry.
Happy Shopping!

Girls Night Out at Lola’s Boutique!

I partnered with the fabulous Lola’s Boutique last night for a night of wine, food, friends and of course SHOPPING! Sort of a mini launch of my official ThirtySomethingFashion personal shopping and styling business. It was SO much fun to get a few of my favorite clients together and to meet some new ones:) Had to be wearing my “Sunday Best”….Hope you find some outfit inspiration and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Tank Gap, Shirt RD Style, Shorts Hazel, Belt Nicole Miller, Shoes Miu Miu,

Headband Ann Taylor, Necklace and Ring Jan Michaels, Bracelets Sunshine Daydreams

Alexis Smith, Makeup Artist- She is AMAZING and does my makeup for special events/occasions!  Contact her for a personal consultation

My guests loved checking out the new Chanel colors for Spring.  A special thank you to Bonnie and Sharon from Chanel at Lord and Taylor Monmouth Mall…You are the best! I love my NEW lipstick!

The STUNNING Eleanor from Shopping the Closet came to show her support…We follow eachother’s blogs…she is a super fashionable thrift shopping diva and SUCH a sweetie…It was great to meet her in the flesh and if you haven’t checked out her blog…GET OVER THERE!

My fashionable family came to support and to SHOP.  This boutique is for everyone…twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, fortysomethings …Lola’s has it all!

My beautiful lil sis and equally beautiful great friend Anika! Thanks for joining in the fun girls!

A special THANK YOU to all the sponsors including:
Lola’s Boutique
Uncle Vinny’s Comedy Club
Shore Nut Company
Chanel Lord and Taylor at Monmouth Mall
Alexis Smith
Lindsey Horen from the Atlantic Club
Gina from Milagro Spa

Isn’t this Analili Maxi Flawless?

I never really thought about pairing yellow with grey until I saw this dress. I was working at “The Spot” and the sales rep showed us the Analili line for spring and this piece stood out to me. I just had to have it! I really love the flowy vibe, the mixture of bright and muted colors and the fit is incredible. Sometimes maxis can run on the shorter side and be that awkward in between length…note my 4 inch stacked heels and this maxi STILL skims the ground. Obviously, a great choice for all you taller fashionistas out there. Also wanted to mention that this designer, Lili De Cueto designs and produces all her garments in Miami…you all know I love a great made in the USA designer!  For details on the collection check out my Analili post here. I can’t wait to see what else Analili cooks up for summer. Happy Shopping!

Maxi Analili, Gold Bangles Sunshine Daydreams, Gold Earrings Marcia Moran, Headband Ann Taylor, Shoes Miu Miu

You can always tell when my sister Abbey takes my outfit shots…always has me laughing:) I have NO idea what was so damn funny otherwise I would share??? Maybe we were talking about how pale I am and that mama NEEDS a tan.

Doesn’t this dress have an equally incredible back as front? I love when designers pay attention to the design details.  If you are interested in purchasing it is available in S, M and L and retails for $240.

Staple design and NEW find!

I am making a commitment to myself….NO SHOPPING UNTIL MARCH! Seriously.

We are having friends over today at the house with all their kiddies for a fun post holiday playdate which gave me a reason to find a cute casual outfit and really search through my closet. I found SO many things with tags and realized that I hit the January SALES with such gusto….I may have overdone it a bit. Oops! Some of my guilty pleasures were the Nicole Miller Philadelphia Sale, the Lolas Sale, and a few others.

The good news … was super easy to find a casual chic outfit today to host friends at our home. The bad news is I have to STOP shopping until the spring weather hits because I do not need a DAMN thing.
Well, maybe a few accessories here and there……
Happy Shopping!

Shirt Nicole Miller Collection from Nicole Miller Philadelphia
Silk Cargo Pants by RD Style from Lola’s
Tank Banana Republic
Shoes Stuart Weitzman

I really couldn’t love the easy draping of this silk shirt…and the watercolor in OLIVE, my fav color. Nicole Miller is my staple. There isn’t much she does design wise that I am not in love with. This shirt and I were simply meant to be.

LOVE the pockets on these pants.  So comfortable and the steel grey color goes with EVERYTHING! This is a new brand for me, RD Style…I feel lucky to have found them and hope their spring collection is a lovely as the fall.
Came inside for the earrings pic…they kept blowing in the cold January air and you couldn’t tell how FABULOUS they are. In love with the vivid colors and they are light as a feather, hahaha:)

It’s all the little details today…..

My outfit is rather simple and this post is ALL ABOUT the accessories. Just purchased these earrings and bangles and had to blog them, I love them both so dearly.
Also love love love this coat! It is a purchase from a few years ago…but seriously people, is there a more beautiful coat out there? I think not! Hope you find some inspiration:)

Shirt Gap, Sweater Old Navy, Shorts The Limited, Tights Target, Boots Jeffrey Campbell, Bracelets Indego Africa, Earrings Sunshine Daydreams

So…these earrings are RIDICULOUSLY fabulous! I cannot tell a lie, they are a bit heavy, NOT unbearable, but definitely more of an evening out earring (for a couple hours) and not a wear everyday all day kind of earring. I have an extra pair to sell if you are interested email me
Retailing for $22. I will ship them n/c.

These bangles were a purchase from Nicole Miller Philadelphia (25 dollars for set of three). Aside from being beautiful, bright and cheery….they are also part of the Indego Africa fair trade initiative. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase go towards poverty stricken women in Rwanda. See, now you know why I love Nicole Miller so much….killer clothes, killer style and a whole lot of substance. The bracelets are sold at all Nicole Miller stores…please let me know if you are interested ( and I will get you in touch with the Philadelphia stores.

Coat Nicole Miller Collection