Back to School: Morgan & Milo

If you follow on IG, you have seen me tag Morgan & Milo countless times in the boys #toddlerstyle posts.  Truly they are my favorite shoe brand for my little men.  When I realized they were branching out into clothing…I was SO excited!

I love when fashion and function meet.  Morgan and Milo successfully combine both with their line.  I personally love that the sneakers can be worn casually for the park or school but they also dress up with a nice pair of chinos for church or holiday events.  When your littles grow out of shoes so quickly, its nice to see a pair that can work double  The clothing is all I expected it to be….a mix of fashion and function.  I was so smitten with the plaid shirt featured below, I kind of wanted it for myself!  Ha!  Although my boys are sporting goodies for the guys, their little girls collection is BEYOND.  What about THESE (biased due to the name) or THIS?  I die.

Preston is turning two TODAY no “back to school” for him…yet!  Connor starts pre-k next week.  I asked him what he wanted to wear for the first day and he picked out this Monster t-shirt on his own!  I don’t blame’s adorable:)  Don’t forget to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY below, as Morgan and Milo is so kindly gifting an adorable tee to ONE OF YOUR littles.  Good Luck!

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Preston:  Shirt/Shorts GAP Kids, Shoes c/o Morgan and Milo available HERE    Connor:  Tshirt c/o Morgan and Milo, Denim Shorts GAP Kids, Shoes c/o Morgan and Milo available HERE

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Stepping a little further into FALL……

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Connor: Tee Old Navy, Plaid Button Down c/o Morgan and Milo, Sneakers c/o Morgan and Milo, Hat handmade


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Your choice of Yellow, Brown, Pink or Blue in the appropriate size.  Available for US residents only.

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For the Little Ones

This post might be information overload ladies……
I hit the boys closets over the weekend and am highlighting my favorite brands and retailers.  Whoever said you can’t go overboard with boys clothing and accessories has obviously never met me.  Oh my, do I have a lot of clothes…and this is after a major purge I just did when I found out my lil sis is having a girl this summer:)  After careful evaluation, I have determined that I am a mixer of high and low when it comes to the mini misters wardrobes (much like my own).  Hope you find new discoveries and Happy Shopping!


Denim Shirt and Striped Pants H&M Kids

H&M Kids
H&M  childrens clothing is a newer discovery for me.  I don’t think they had collection focused on the wee ones when Connor was born so I have been having alot of fun finding things for Preston.  This western styled denim shirt couldn’t be more on trend…..more super trendy items are what you will find at your local H&M.   In a nutshell the upside is unique, trendy and inexpensive items for your bundle…the downside is you will only get one season (which is as long as it fits anyway) and you can only shop in store.  Not all their stores carry the kids line, so definitely call ahead or check online to be sure.

Above Left: Connor in Gap Button Down and Khakis  Above Right: Preston in Gap Sweatshirt and Jeans, Connor in Gap Vneck and Cords  Below Left: Connor in Old Navy Button Down and Gap Jeanshort  Below Right: Connor in Old Navy Button Down, Gap Shorts and Gap Skull Sneakers

Gap and Old Navy
Both Gap Kids and Old Navy Kids are a great resource for everyday wear for your newborn or tot.  I like shopping these sites/stores because I get a TON of reward points, receive countless coupons and they have weekly in store and online sales.  I hardly every buy something full price.  The downside here is that the clothing  is mass produced….so you might be a match for a few other adorable little ones when you are out and about.

Preston is wearing Tea Collection Shirt, Gap Jeans

Tea Collection
I have some really great Tea Collection shirts as hand me downs for Preston.  Of every single brand I shop…these washed and wore the best.  I have purchased these girls sets  before as gifts and love the mix and match options.  For my boys, I just love these easy to wear striped shirts but they also have really cool more unique items online.  I used to buy the brand at a local boutique…that has since closed down (sad to see you go Modern Baby)…so I may start shopping for Tea online.


Top Left:   On Connor Ralph Lauren Button Down, Sweater Vest and Khakis  Shoes Jack and Lily Top Right:  On Connor Ralph Lauren Polo and Gap Jeanshorts  Bottom Left: On Connor Ralph Lauren Button Down and Jacket  Bottom Right: On Preston Ralph Lauren Onesie

Ralph Lauren Kids
 A good amount of their wardrobes is comprised of this fashion powerhouse.  I tend to gravitate towards a preppier look for the boys so it is only natural that I turn to Ralph Lauren often.  I shop both the Ralph Lauren site here (usually the sale section) and also at Macy’s.  I have also been told there is a majorly discounted selection at Marshalls, although I am not a huge Marshalls shopper.  Although the clothing is on the pricier side (for something they will outgrow in weeks) I find that it holds up pretty well which is great for hand me downs for Preston or donating items that no longer fit.

Connor is wearing DOGWOOD Tshirt Gap Jeanshorts and Creative Recreation Hightops

DOGWOOD and Wes and Willy
I discovered DOGWOOD  at a local childrens boutique (Sarah Kiddles) and have been smitten ever since.  If you are a mama to a little know come a certain age…it is all about the Tshirt.  Sports themed, Super hero themed name it…they want it!  So finding a great resource for cool tees is essential.  Upside the shirts are unique and relatively affordable….Down side this brand is all about the boys and does not currently sell to little ladies 🙁

Wes and Willy is another great Tshirt resource. Heavily sports themed, these are great for my active little guy.  Currently I am obsessing over these Alabama Football Pajama’s as my hubby is a huge fan…I will have to pop in my local store to see if they are carrying them….Upside and downside here too… Cool Tees but only sold at local boutiques (here at Sarah Kiddles) not online and only available for boys…sorry again 🙁

From Your Head to Your Feet:

Top Left: Connor is wearing a Gap Straw Hat  Top Right:  Preston is wearing a Handmade Etsy  Bottom Left:  Connor is wearing an Old Navy Fedora  Bottom Right: Connor is wearing a Handmade Newsboy Cap

Old Navy, Gap and Handmade
Quite obviously we like a good hat around here….and we don’t discriminate!  Fedora’s, newsboy caps,
beanies and more..we love them all! Connor always loved wearing them and at the age of two, it fast became part of his personal style.  

Old Navy always has a decent selection of baseball caps and fedoras.  I just featured this one on Instagram that I picked up for Connor (now on sale).  I almost want this wide brimmed number for myself….when your little miss hits the surf and sand.

Gap has a pretty decent selection as well.  A little nicer made than Old Navy.  I might have to grab this one  for the Con man.  As for the ladies…I am pretty sure it doesn’t get ANY cuter than this crochet fedora!

I have had Connor’s newsboy caps handmade from one of my readers…She no longer makes them….but the best resource for hand knit pieces is hands down Etsy.  I kind of fell in love with this one possibly for my soon to be niece.  If you like the look of Connors there is a similar one here.  If you have a newbie or infant shots coming up this one is pretty close to Preston’s.  I kind of can’t handle the cuteness of this pirate hat and don’t fret, it comes in pink too!

Top pair Jack and Lily, Two bottom pairs Pedipeds

Pedipeds, Jack and Lily, Morgan and Milo
I am a huge fan of Pedipeds.  Both Preston and Connor have numerous pairs….Partly because the brand and design promote healthy foot growth (never a bad thing) and partly because they are the cutest darn shoes out there!  I have so many pairs leftover from Connor (before he started walking) so Preston is all set – like he has these…could you just die….but Connor’s feet grow quickly….I am loving these for Spring.  For the little ladies…does it get cuter than these Gladiators?  I die!!

I also really like Jack and Lily.  Found mostly at boutiques locally (you guessed it Sarah Kiddles), I remember the first pair I bought for Connor here…aren’t the skulls adorable?  For your princess…Look at these!  Skulls and bows…does it get any more stylish?

Last but not least I adore Morgan and Milo  available at local boutiques (Charlotte West). I love the kicks for Connor specifically.  He wore these in Navy all season as you can see from my Facebook post here. He also has these in tan with orange accents.  I think that is what I love about the sneakers..they are neutral and then have a pop of color.  Super cute.  For the girlies…these floral sneakers are right on trend for Spring 2013…kind of wish I had a pair myself:)f

* I have also purchased Gap and Old Navy shoes but find that they do not hold up as well as these brands highlighted above.

* Honorable mention to Wallabies and Kickers both of which are pricey but have held up ALL fall and winter for Connor…and he is rough on shoes.