Bringing the Look Home…..As promised!

Okay so a few posts ago I told you that one of my fav looks for right now is cowboy boots with dresses. I gave you all the dish on the boots and left out a very important part…..the dresses! A couple of followers inquired about WHAT dresses specifically would be cute with boots, so I have chosen to highlight three of my favs for Spring. You can achieve this look from alot of different stores, but my dollars are being spent at Anthropologie this spring. I am in LOVE with so many of the dresses, it is a little ridiculous. I wasn’t a huge anthro follower a couple years back but a good friend of mine coordinates the photo shoots for their catalogue- Time after time we would go out and she would have the most DARLING little dresses on. I finally gave in and (cheated on Nicole Miller) and bought a couple dresses. I love wearing them and think they evoke such a feminine vibe. For the record NM is still my favorite dress designer, she is just a little more formal then I want to be right now. Special note that all dresses shown above are MACHINE WASHABLE (great for the bank account, no drycleaning). So lets begin.

First is the super sweet and feminine All Season Shirtdress retailing for $98 and available in yellow and cream. Yellow is fun- I would probably go with cream, becuase it has a longer life but that is up to you. This dress is adorable and you can throw a light turtleneck underneath or a jean jacket over it for right now with boots and as the weather gets warmer and warmer, ditch the layers and trade in the boots for some strappy sandals.

Second I have highlighted the cotton Slivered Spectrum Dress retailing for $158 and only available as shown. This dress is great becuase it is longer so for my NON tan legs that haven’t seen the sun in quite some time, it is perfect. I would throw the KYRA cardigan from Elizabeth Gillett in my last post (in ivory) over this dress and be good to go!

Third dress I have featured is the one I actually bought and should be to me in the next few days! I am so excited to wear it I can barely contain myself! This is the cotton Reed Dress retailing $118 and available as shown. I love that this dress is channeling the 50’s era and also love that it highlights the upper body/waist and doesn’t hug the hips. For me, my waist has gone back to normal after Connor but my thighs are backside are being a bit stubborn. This is a great dress for me to hide those problem areas. Just loving this dress. I also love how cute it is going to be with cowboy boots- Perfect daytime dress look.

All are available at
Happy Shopping!

Elizabeth Gillett Cardigans and Scarves are MUST HAVE for Spring

If you aren’t familiar with Elizabeth Gillett, get to know her. She is incredible. Total bohemian chic vibe- The line is comprised of cardigans, sweaters, jackets, scarves and wraps. Up until recently you had to venture out to one of her retailers including Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom or Anthroplogy BUT you are in luck as she just launched an online store for her Spring 2010 Collection.
I am personally vibing the three items shown above. The first is the Pandora Scarf in a beautiful vibrant green. Made of 100 percent cotton it retails for $45 and is sure to spice up any boring outfit. The second item is the Padma really neat multi purpose peice that you can wear as a scarf, vest or poncho. It is wallet friendly at only $38. Last but certainly not least (and probably my favorite) is the Kyra cardigan. It comes in ivory, blue, coral and bark and retails for $129. It is SO lightweight, soft and feminine. I love the hand on this and the waffle knit viscose adds a really cool texture. Also like that it comes almost to the knee and covers my backside, which isn’t looking its best right now!
Loving these pieces for spring. There are so many beautiful scarves on her site, I didn’t have room to post them all. Check her out at

Happy Shopping.

Smack your lips…..I found the best glosses!

So up until recently I have been on the search for fabulous lipglosses that aren’t super expensive and aren’t super thick. My absolute biggest pet peeve with glosses is that they are too sticky and my hair gets caught in them. I also find alot of glosses to be extremely drying and the next day my lips are sometimes red and chapped if I wore gloss the day/night before. I need search no longer! I have been using both the above products for weeks and am in LOVE!

The first I have featured is CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine. The coolest part about this gloss is that it comes in three flavors mint, cinnamon and spearmint. When you lick your lips, the gloss actually freshens your breath and IT TASTES GOOD. SERIOUSLY, how great is that! I also find the gloss to have a cooling sensation that is very refreshing. The gloss is only $7.50 and available for purchase online at Bath and Body Works,

The second gloss featured is Smith’s Lip Balm in Minted Rose. This balm also has a minty freshness to it, although it does not taste good, making it less fun to lick your lips. This has a refreshing sensation but what I like most about this balm is that it is multi purpose. It helps heal dry, chapped skin so you can rub it anywhere on your body that gets dry, elbows etc. I also sometimes throw it on the apples of my cheeks for a rosy glow. All these purposes and it only retails for $7.00. Steal! This balm is available at

These are a must have for under ten dollars each….Happy Shopping!

Spring has Sprung

Okay so I know it is a little early to talk spring, but here in jersey we had our first warm (49 degree) day in I don’t know how long. It has been snowing here like crazy, so to me, 49 degrees is spring.
As soon as the weather starts to turn, we all want to ditch our dark black and grey attire for the lighter brighter versions for spring. My absolute FAVORITE thing to wear in these transitional months (March, April, May) are western styled boots. It is not warm enough for sandals, but all of our dark leather, suede and patent boots are too heavy looking for spring. Grab yourself a pair of western styled boots, pair them with a fun dress and a cardigan and you are good to go!

The first boot I posted is from a western website called Sheplers. They have been selling western styled shoes, clothing and accessories since 1899. That boot is called the Old Western Distressed Leather Cowgirl-Snip Toe and runs at about $99.00 I am really digging the lighter color of the shepler boot for spring- and may have to add to my collection of boots! The second boots I posted are by Frye. I actually have this exact pair in two colors….I have had them for three years, they look good as new, since they are supposed to be distressed anyway. I can’t kill these shoes and they are so comfortable. They are a little pricey but in my opinion worth every penny. It is called the Billy Pull On, comes in a variety of colors and sells for $268.00 on the Frye website. Those are two great boot options.

Part of the reason I love this look (dress with boots) for my life RIGHT NOW is that it is easy and comfortable. I will look pulled together but can also run around in this style of boot as opposed to a boot with a high heel. I think this look is youthful but not juvenile and since thirty is my new number, I am becoming more aware of what trends can come with me, and those I have to leave in my twenties.
The cowboy boots are coming with me!

fashion everyday all day….

I started working for Nicole Miller Philadelphia boutiques in early 2005. I had already paid some retail dues at Bloomingdales and Nieman Marcus and was extremely excited to be working for a boutique environment and ONE designer. Nicole Miller has been one of my favorite designers since college. Before that I was still fashion obsessed, but the lack of an independent bank account allowed for more thrifty choices. Some of my favorites then were the Gap, Banana Republic and dare I say it….Bebe! Yes, Bebe was a staple throughout college, as much as it pains me to admit it. Tight black pants and a tank top that said Bebe across it….I said I was fashion obsessed, not always fashionable! College years were a little rough.

At Nicole Miller I worked as Director of Sales so I was in charge of alot of different components, but my favorite part was the buying! I attended the NYC trade shows a couple times a year to buy for the stores….All the clothes were Nicole Miller but the accessories….now that was a different story. Oh my god, looking at the accessories at a trade show is like being a kid in a candy store….Earrings, necklaces and handbags galore.

I could talk about accessories for days, let me get back on track. The reason I started this blog is because I woke up a few weeks ago thinking, what the hell happened to me? I used to plan my outfits the night before….I would wear a beautiful dress everyday with amazing accessories and feel like I was on top of the world. I would spend hours in my closet coming up with different ways to wear things….Now I am lucky if I have on stained sweatpants with an old fraternity shirt of my husbands. Enough is Enough! I must get back my inner fashionista- I can’t wear silk dresses everyday (baby vomit and silk don’t mesh well) but I can be fashionable at thirty- I had a baby and turned thirty…..It doesn’t make me hopeless….At least I hope not.

All for now.