Mind the Gap

So if you haven’t looked online at the “Gap” in a while, you should take a look. Loving their fall lookbook- Very preppy chic with a little bit of bohemian inspiration. I am looking forward to recreating some of these looks- mostly by closet diving, but maybe a new piece here or there 🙂
A few of my favorite pieces are highlighted above:
First the Cascade Ruffle Blouse for 59.50. Perfect for summer nights now with shorts or a skirt and will take you through the fall with a black turtleneck underneath OR a great jeanjacket or cozy sweater overtop.
Second the Boyfriend Blouse on sale for 45.oo dollars this top needs no explanations-it can go anywhere and is SO comfortable.
Third the Chambray Demin Tunic- Much to my pleasure (considering the dozens of leggings I bought last season) the tunic is back and better then ever. Great price at 59.50- Will look amazing with ANY color legging and with layering peices.
Last but not least I am digging the Corduroy Trimmed Utility Jacket for 89.50- Loving the army green color to break up all the black, grey and tan I have for fall.
Happy Shopping!

8 thoughts on “Mind the Gap”

  1. Carly – I know you raved about the Old Navy legging jeans, but have you tried the new Gap version? They literally feel like pajama pants and are super cute…I bought them in 2 out of the 5 colors. You should check them out 🙂 E

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Erin…and YES…i tried the gap ones yesterday- I love them 🙂 I already have 2 pairs from Old Navy so I didn’t buy them, but they are super cute.
    and Jen- Gap has great deals going on…they have these promos on Wednesdays where whatever you buy is 40 percent off- I am going back to buy a white collared shirt this wed, lol!

  3. I ended up buying the jacket for $28…they let you use stackable coupons online…20% and then 40% off online. I also bought a pair of their legging lean to try along with some other items. Great sale!

  4. Yay…I am so glad you did SO good at Gap- for me it can be so hit or miss there. But right now, really cute classics and the coupons are making it hard to pass up buying everything you love.
    Enjoy the jeggings….Talk soon.

  5. I actually am going to be returning the jeggings from GAP, because I like the ON ones more and I have a lot of jeans. I agree…I mostly shop there for Jackson, but I usually buy some basics there. I went yesterday and got the white boyfriend button-down…is that what you were talking about? It was actually on sale for $39 (reduced from $54) and I had a 25% off coupon, so it was a great buy.

  6. Im not sure which one I was looking at..I think it was 59 dollars and more of a tailored fit- I need a white collared shirt to put underneath blazers, sweaters and even use under sheath dresses for a jumper look for fall- But enjoy the boyfriend one….Talk soon. C

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