Easy Glamour

We just experienced a freaking blizzard here at the shore (ok, I am exaggerating slightly)…but we got over ten inches and it is close to zero outside…so I am calling it a blizzard.  Thankfully I took these photos on Monday…I had an afternoon appointment with a boutique and then went to meet a friend for dinner.   My style has been all over the map lately preppy, simple, bohemian…one common denominator is easy.  You won’t see complicated layers, ridiculous amounts of accessories or hard to wear pieces…life is so complicated most days…getting dressed shouldn’t be.

Definitely a go-to look for me….White tee, blazer and skinnies…of course when the skinnies are leather and the blazer is sequined, you are definitely achieving a dressier vibe…but easy to create none the less.  Hope you find some outfit inspiration.  As always, links to purchase similar items below the first photo.  Happy Wednesday:)

* PS…I finally had to replace my Nicole Miller leather skinnies with the Vince moto ones below…LOVE the fit!  A little higher on the waist, no plumbers cr*ck, and they zipper and button like a jean. They were 1/2 off..still really pricey but I know they will get a TON of wear.  Link to them below the first photo.

Leather Motos Vince available here, White Tee Language (old), Sequin Blazer MM Couture similar available here, Shoes Christian Louboutin available here, Necklace c/o Touchstone Crystal (old)





8 thoughts on “Easy Glamour”

  1. Hi – love this look – it has that stunning yet effortless vibe. While the leather leggings are stunning, I was disappointed to see the price. There are countless fashion blogs out there, but it can be difficult to find one that “fits” in terms of a similar sense of style and price points. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and this is the first time I felt like I couldn’t identify with your selection. I really hope it’s a one time thing.

    1. Hi there Katie,
      So sorry to disappoint you 🙁 I am a complete splurger when it comes to things that I KNOW I will get a ton of wear out of. It was also a gift to myself for working my a** off this past year and getting all my tax stuff prepared, hahaha. Obviously I don’t buy things like that on the regular…but would never want tom mislead anyone and send them to a link that isn’t the same thing I am wearing….I am MORE than happy to send you some links to similar leather leggings that are way more affordable if you would like…LMK 🙂 Hope you have a great week. C

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