Kate Moss for Longchamp

Very few can argue that Kate Moss is not a fashionista. I mean the girl defines the word “fashionable”. She always looks fantastic- most of the time in something that the rest of us would look ridiculous in.
Very few can argue that Longchamp does not make a great bag. The brand is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.
A collaboration of the two would have to be incredibly fashionable and well made…….and it is! Introducing the Kate Moss for Longchamp Collection.

You know I like to give my history for those who aren’t familiar…..Longchamp is a french company that has been around since 1948. It started as a tobacco accessories company and then made the switch to small leather goods, then luggage, and the rest is history. In 1993, Longchamp launched the “Le Pliage” which is the third bag pictured. This bag has truly become the symbol of Longchamp.

Back to the Kate Moss collection…..My first pick is the Globorne. It is available in Nude (as pictured) and black and retails for $950.00. It is a business bag with zippered openings and interior compartments, designed to be carried on the shoulder. The interior is zebra print and the bag comes with a complimentary silk zebra scarf. I am LOVING this as a daytime bag for spring in Nude. Sort of rock in roll but soft enough for daytime as well.

My second pick is the Glastonbury. This messenger bag is available in Light Blue
(as pictured) Black and Nude and retails for $780.00 The interior is also zebra print and a complimentary silk scarf is included with your purchase. I am obsessed with the shape of this bag….Messengers are so “in” for spring. I also love the randomness of light blue (obviously much more classic/practical in nude or black). If you really think about it, light blue can go with alot for spring…and can brighten up an all black outfit.

Now I know my two above picks are a little pricey…therefore I wanted to give honorable mention to the Longchamp classic….the “Le Pliage”. This bag comes in too many colors to name and retails for $145.00. This is a great spring/summer bag….it is so lightweight but also strong enough to hold everything you need. Perfect for all day trips to the pool or beach. It is made of Nylon and has leather trimmings. This bag is a no brainer, total classic and reasonably priced.

All bags above are available at www.longchamp.com. Visit and check out the entire Kate Moss for Longchamp collection and to view the regular collections for spring. Longchamp handbags are also sold at all your major high end department stores including but not limited to Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms.

Happy Shopping!

Have You Heard?

This is what I am LOVING about my new blog…I learned something fabulously fashionable yesterday….I am SO excited to share this with you.

Okay so I was reading PEOPLE and they have this page about designers for less….I see Jodi Arnold for the Limited…the few highlighted pieces were really cute….I was mad at myself for not knowing who she was…so I did a little research…come to find out that Jodi Arnold is the designer behind the label MINT- which I used to LOVE when I worked at Bloomingdales. The reason both you and I haven’t seen MINT in stores…she renamed the brand Jodi Arnold in 2007 (www.jodiarnoldnyc.com). Her prices for her collection aren’t ridiculous…it ranges from about $150 for a shirt up to $350/$400 for a dress. So not completely out of reach but still a little on the high side for a jersey tshirt.

Happy to say she is NO longer out of reach for any of us…..She has collaborated with the Limited and the collection is ADORABLE. I am not much of a “mall” shopper anymore…I prefer small boutiques and specialty stores but for this…I am HAPPY to hit the nearest mall and check out her line for Spring. Above are my FOUR favs….I am so excited to go check them out…..The only catch- I usually share “fit” tips and sizing- With this collection I am suggesting these pieces but I really have no idea about fit. You and I will have to find out together. I can update you once I get to the store.

So first is the Sequined Explosion Back Tank Top retailing for $59.50 and available in sizes XS-XL- So fun…FYI…the back has a sexy drape detail. Loving this shirt for casual bar scene with jeans.
Second is the Denim Skirt for $69.50 and available in sized 0-16. This is probably my favorite…it has see thru bands (dont worry they are lined) and an edgy exposed zipper up the back…LOVE this and really hope it looks cute on me…I want to own this one. I can just envision a white tank tucked into that adorable black elastic waistband…so darn cute!
Third is the Romper originally $79.50 but ONSALE for $55.65- Rompers are always hot for spring/summer. This is a steal! I love the fluttery feminine sleeves.
Fourth and final pick is the Sequin Shoulder Dress originally $118.00 but ONSALE for $82.60…..So cute for any spring/summer weddings or formal occasions you are attending.
I would love to hear anyone’s feedback if they get to the stores before me (or order online at www.thelimited.com).
Happy Shopping!

Maxi Dresses as Promised

It seems that some trends come and go with the wind…..NOT the maxi dress. I am happy…scratch that…elated to say that maxi dresses are back in a big way for spring/summer 2010. Here are some of my favorites for both the big spenders and the conservatives out there.
Lets talk about Rachel Pally. She is a young contemporary designer who makes tops, dresses, skirts and pants ALL from fine jersey and ALL made in the USA. Fairly new to the scene (since 2002) and based out of LA, I think she is the best in the maxi dress business and designs for that easy California girl vibe. The jersey she uses is incredible and feels like butter against your skin- Word to the wise, dry clean her dresses (even though it might pain you to dry clean jersey). The material is so fine that it will get “beat up” by even the gentlest of washing machine cycles. I purchased a dress by her online last year and washed it in my machine (on gentle cycle with my bras and underwear) and it has NEVER looked the same. Totally my fault becuase the tag said “dry clean”…Okay enough about the care of the garment…….My first pick is the Shirred Cami Long Dress, a chic and comfortable choice in a bright fun print. This dress retails for $220 and features an elastic empire waist with spaghetti straps sized XS-L. My second pick is the Long Cutout Dress available in both cream and black. This dress retails for $238 and is definitely a more provocative and sexy design but equally as comfortable (it is lined through the bodice in cream)and available XS-L. I am in LOVE with this one (think it needs to replace the ruined one) and feel like you could be at a backyard bbq and then saunter into a black tie wedding and look great at both!
Both dresses are available EXCLUSIVELY at www.shopbop.com. If neither of those are your speed, Rachel Pally designs TONS of maxi dresses and retails on many websites including but not limited to www.revolveclothing.com, www.shopbop.com, www.anthropologie.com, www.edressme.com and www.nordstroms.com. She is also carried in MANY specialty boutiques so visit www.rachelpally.com to find out what boutiques near you carry the line.

I officially crown myself the QUEEN of Old Navy maxi dresses. I was in months 6-9 of my pregnancy last summer and ALL I wore were maxi dresses from Old Navy. Ironic Fact: Rachel Pally designs a maternity line for Pea in the Pod, but I never knew while pregnant…hah!
Now, people (by people I mean women who had been pregnant) were always telling me that I would NEVER want to wear designs like the ones I wore when I was pregnant….bull***t! I tried on maxis all day long at Old Navy yesterday and felt FAN FREAKING TASTIC in them. The one I went home with (in two colors) was the Womens Jersey Tube Sundown. Available in store and online (but selling like hotcakes) this dress retails for $29.50 in a slew of colors….green, orange, black, bright floral print and blue striped….available in XS-XXL. There was a hodge podge of sizes/colors left in the store yesterday. I noticed online it was the same way. If you like this dress….don’t overthink it…..for less then 30 bucks it’s not a life or death decision….order yours at www.oldnavy.com It is super comfy (obviously not the quality of jersey in the dresses highlighted above) but comfy none the less. I plan to throw mine over swimsuits and hit backyard bbq’s in them. The Rachel Pally dress is more formal outside parties and possible bar scene at night.

Hope that helps in your quest for a great maxi dress.
Happy Shopping!

Have You Heard?

For those who aren’t familiar with Rachel Roy, I will give a quick bio. She started out at RocaWear and was with them from lowly intern to Creative Director. In 2004 she launched her own line, Rachel Roy New York, and it debuted in department and specialty stores for Spring 2005. The Rachel Roy New York line is pricey…it is carried at the typical slew of high end department stores, Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf…..and due to price is out of reach for most of us, myself included. However, the line is breathtaking- Rachel herself is a stunningly beautiful woman, and it almost seems like she designs for herself…..I have seen some designers wear their own shit and it looks like crap on them. She looks AMAZING in her own designs. Whatever inspiration she is channeling- it is working- Her designs are seen on many a celeb and she has and continues to be featured in many fashion magazines including Vogue, Harpaars, Vanity Fair etc. If you go to her website www.RachelRoy.com and look at her latest Collection, you WILL fall in love with her design aesthetic even if some runway peices seem over the top.

Okay so I didn’t give you this entire womans history to simply tell you that you can’t ever afford a peice of her clothing. I am NOT that mean!
In late 2008 Rachel paired with Jones Apparel Group and launched a new line- Rachel by Rachel Roy- available exclusively at Macy’s and MUCH more affordable. Still modern and cleverly designed (like its big sister) but much more realistic pricing- especially with the world the way it is right now.

First I have featured a sexy and sweet floral number. The dress is available at www.Macys.com, is called the Drawstring Halter and retails for $89.00. It is made of a Poly/Rayon blend and is machine washable (great news, right?). The dress is lined so it is NOT see through…always a plus! It is sized XS through L and I think her designs ( for this line anyway) run a little on the forgiving side.

Second I have featured the Drapey Ladder Blouse….yes, that is what Macy’s is calling this dress…They have a really talented person naming their web merchandise….hah! Anwyay, regardless of the name the dress is adorable. It is made of a Modal/Poly blend and is dry clean only. It retails for $119.00 and is also sized XS to L. I particularly love the cargo style pockets which make the dress perfect for any daytime affair….and the black exposed zipper makes this dress edgy enough for the nighttime bar scene ( for those of you who are still on that scene).

Last I have featured a jackpot item. Aside from great womens clothing design, Rachel also designs fun handbags and shoes. Some of the shoes are a little too funky for me…but the handbags are AWESOME! I am particularly in love with this Quilted Bee Crossbody Bag retailing for $89.00 and also available at www.Macys.com. It is made of synthetic leather, which isn’t my fav, but might be a plus for those who don’t wear fur or leather. With a bright color, studs, stones, tassles and gussets, this bag has it all……AND it has a leapoard interior….can’t beat that!

Hope you all enjoy my favorite Rachel Roy picks. Definitely check out her website to learn more about her inspirations and collections. Macy’s carries a very large selection of the Rachel by Rachel Roy line (obviously since the line is exclusive to them) but my point is- If you don’t care for my favs…definitely take a look at the full line and see if something else strikes your fancy!

Happy Shopping!

fashion everyday all day….

I started working for Nicole Miller Philadelphia boutiques in early 2005. I had already paid some retail dues at Bloomingdales and Nieman Marcus and was extremely excited to be working for a boutique environment and ONE designer. Nicole Miller has been one of my favorite designers since college. Before that I was still fashion obsessed, but the lack of an independent bank account allowed for more thrifty choices. Some of my favorites then were the Gap, Banana Republic and dare I say it….Bebe! Yes, Bebe was a staple throughout college, as much as it pains me to admit it. Tight black pants and a tank top that said Bebe across it….I said I was fashion obsessed, not always fashionable! College years were a little rough.

At Nicole Miller I worked as Director of Sales so I was in charge of alot of different components, but my favorite part was the buying! I attended the NYC trade shows a couple times a year to buy for the stores….All the clothes were Nicole Miller but the accessories….now that was a different story. Oh my god, looking at the accessories at a trade show is like being a kid in a candy store….Earrings, necklaces and handbags galore.

I could talk about accessories for days, let me get back on track. The reason I started this blog is because I woke up a few weeks ago thinking, what the hell happened to me? I used to plan my outfits the night before….I would wear a beautiful dress everyday with amazing accessories and feel like I was on top of the world. I would spend hours in my closet coming up with different ways to wear things….Now I am lucky if I have on stained sweatpants with an old fraternity shirt of my husbands. Enough is Enough! I must get back my inner fashionista- I can’t wear silk dresses everyday (baby vomit and silk don’t mesh well) but I can be fashionable at thirty- I had a baby and turned thirty…..It doesn’t make me hopeless….At least I hope not.

All for now.