All About ME August

August is kind of a preparation month for me.  Although I am quite obviously NOT heading back to school….I prepare as though I am heading somewhere.  I spend a lot of time researching trends for fall and planning what I need/want for my own wardrobe as well as what will be important for my clients.  This preparation is not limited to just clothing and accessories….. it encompasses all that has me looking and feeling confident.

So…this month, you will see a few posts titled, “All About ME August”.  I will be sharing things that I am doing for myself to have fabulous hair, skin, nails and makeup for Fall 2014!  This particular post is highlighting a few of my favorite products right now that will definitely be taking me confidently into fall.

*Remember, if I don’t love it, I don’t share it- I am not getting any commission but I was gifted product to try:)


LIPTOXYL by TicaBeauty

Have you used a “lip plumper” before?  I have.  I honestly can’t remember the brand I used to use, but I do know it was discontinued and I could no longer get it.  Majorly disappointed.  Although I don’t wear a plumper daily….for evenings out with friends, date night or special events I like to “amp” it up.  What better way than with a plumper!  I loved the color options (owner sent me three) and by mixing the two below colors (intrigue and starlet) I ended up with this soft orange/pink shade that I adore:)Your lips will feel fuller and sexy and it is not sticky or glumpy..its just…well perfect!




YOUNIQUE 3D Fiber Lashes

Recently, a friend invited me to an online mascara party- Between jewelry, sandals, skincare and now makeup- who isn’t having an online party?  Personally I LOVE to shop this way…convenience and trusted referrals from friends who are selling the product.  That said, I was skeptical but intrigued.  I love my voluminous mascara…and have never been swayed by another brand.  What is so awesome about this product…you use it WITH your existing mascara.

Goes like this:

1.  Curl lashes and apply thin coat of your preferred mascara.

2.  Apply the gel (which is black)  to your lashes once the above has dried.

3.  Apply the “fibers”

4.  Quickly reapply the gel to seal in the fibers.

The ONLY negative – and I don’t really want to go as far as to say negative- is that it can get a little clumpy as you apply.  I just used my trusted old mascara wand (that I washed clean and use for my eyebrows).  I used that to brush through the lashes while they are still wet and it worked perfectly.  I had someone ask me yesterday if I was wearing false eyelashes.  SWEET!  I won’t use this everyday…BUT for nights out, special events or when I just need a little something extra….its perfection.  The set is 29 dollars and lasts for 3 months:)  STEAL for enviable lashes!




BURT’S BEES Soothing Lotion

So, remember when I asked all of you on Facebook about a natural body lotion you loved?  I got so many amazing recommendations, I decided to go to Target (many of the brands you mentioned were there) and be one of those annoying and crazy people who unscrews the cap and smells the product.

Ironically, I thought Burts Bees had NO scent…but when I opened the bottle, it was deliciously fragrant, which was a prerequisite.  I love a great smelling lotion.  So all natural, no animal testing and delicious scent..this was a no brainer.  I was also happy to see it wasn’t ridiculously expensive.  Pricier than a “jergens” I suppose…but not over the top.  Very happy with the product and highly recommend you making the switch. Available for between 7 and 9 dollars at various retailers.  Scent I am reviewing is Aloe and Buttermilk.



Bobbi Brown Review and 20% OFF!

I am kind of all over the map with makeup. I used to be a self professed drugstore junkie but have turned to some higher end items in the past few years that yield better results. There are some products that I can’t ever abandon like Physicians Formula bronzer (highlighted here in my Five Minute Face) but I have definitely done a 180 in some other departments.

Bobbi Brown gave complimentary makeovers at my Neiman Marcus Event a few months back…and I fell in love with the red lipstick color they used on me.  So, I bought it of course!  It definitely is the prettiest shade of RED and the quality is fabulous.  I also got the liner to go with…AND I really like the Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara.  I am a converted Bobbi Brown lover.  Now is your chance to test out that product you have been wanting to try….





Products I Love!

Prime Protection available here for $10. Obviously a bit more expensive than conventional deodorant.  I am still using the original bar and am going on 4 weeks.  If pricing is an issue, consider using it every other month…any departure from aluminum is a good one.

Rodan + Fields Enhancements Lip Micro-Dermabrasion available here for $17.  This is great year round, but especially in the winter/colder months when lips are chapped and dry.  Glides on like a lipstick and is super easy to use.  Be sure to connect with Laura here if you are interested in learning more.

Favorite Products into 2014!

Another crappy  scrappy video to share my favorite products to take into 2014.  I have been using them all for weeks now and LOVE them….and when I love something, I always am sure to share it here.  Forgive the scary makeup free face, the messy kitchen, that half of my head is out of the shot and the tiny little toddler head passing by from time to time….total MOMMY video.  Girls gotta just go with it sometimes.  I never said I was a pro.  Hope you enjoy the products I highlight and maybe even give them a try!  Links to everything below the video.  New outfit post coming Wednesday featuring my SPRING camo…yes yes yes…you read that right!  All for now and Happy Wednesday:)


Rodan and Fields Body Microdermabrasion I didn’t see a direct link to my product on the site…so shoot Tawnya an email if you are interested to get pricing and details…I think it is around 30 dollars a bar.  Tawnya Drumm at

Clinique Chubby Stick  The two colors I love are Pudgy Peony and Mighty Mimosa $17

Kerastase Elixier Ultime Serum Available for $56 and locally at Jon Lori Salon (visit my amazing stylist Wendy while you are there)  I know it is a tad pricey but I have barely made a dent in the bottle and I have been using it daily for 4 weeks.

Playing in the Meadow Floor Soap  Available for $18 WITH coupon code NEWLOOK get 20 percent off!

*I was NOT compensated for this post.  I was given product for review but all opinions are my own.

Five Minute Face

I have a few things up my sleeve to keep things fresh around here for 2013…one of which is occasional beauty and skincare post.  I am by no means an expert on beauty, but clients and readers often ask about my regiment.  Below is my five minute face.  Much like I believe there is no excuse to constantly wear gym clothes…I also believe that you can get a quick easy “face” together for your daily life. I try to do the below most days…even if I am just hitting Little Gym and the grocery store…I feel better about myself:)  Happy Reading and Watching:)

Step 1: Lotion  I start by applying Neutrogena lotion available here. I find it to be mild, non irritating, non greasy and yet still moisturizing…a winning combination.  It is part of their “naturals” line which is 97% naturally derived, not tested on animals and all of their packaging is made from recycled materials.

Step 2: Foundation  I use Arbonne Liquid Foundation in Honey Beige. It is pricey at $42 a bottle but it lasts me for a few months and the quality of the foundation is unmatched.  It looks very natural but still gives good coverage for dark/light spots and under eye circles.  It is also paraben free and has built in sun protection. You can’t really ask for much more than that.   The downside is you have to purchase through an Arbonne representative. It appears as if you can buy “sets” here, but for individual purchases, you need a representative.

Step 3: Bronzer  I have worn variations of Physicians Formula for all of my adult life.  Currently, I am using the Happy Booster available here.  I am not sure I agree that it will make you instantly happy, but I do love the instant glow, bronzing effect and slight shimmer.  If you aren’t sure about shades and want to see in person, physicians formula is available at pretty much every drugstore known to man.

Step 4: Blush   I use MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon available here.  I was introduced to this brand when I cheered professionally for the NFL, we partnered with MAC and received a generous discount.  I have used their blush ever since.  I don’t love MAC for everything…find their lipsticks to be drying and their foundation too thick for daily use…but blush, they have that down.

Step 5: Curl Lashes  If I were stranded on a desert island and could only take one thing, it would be an eyelash curler.  Doesn’t matter the brand, I go through a couple of them per year.  Just an absolute necessity for me.  Naturally you will think my next step is mascara but in all honesty I don’t wear it daily.  It is such a pain to wash off…most days I just do the above, curl my lashes and call it a day.  The simple act of curling them, opens up my eyes and makes me appear less tired.

Step 6: LipGloss  I wear C.O. Bigelow Lip Gloss from Bath and Body Works available here. It is my favorite.  It freshens your breath, no seriously, it does and glides on nice and smooth.  Just read the reviews for yourself  here.  I personally like that it has no color for daily use, especially since my 3 year old little man is addicted to it too!