Lole: ActiveWear Review

My number one mantra in regards to women living in their activewear is it takes just as much time to pull on yoga pants, a sports bra and kicks as it does to pull on skinny jeans, a t-shirt, scarf and ballet flats.  I repeatedly ask my clientele to rethink spending the day in their gym attire and changing into something comfortable and fashionable.  Of course, there are still those days that it makes zero sense to go home and change….for those days…why not merge fashion and function?  The lovely folks at Lole asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few pieces from their line and my answer was of course yes…especially when I saw the killer selection and range of products.  Everything from yoga wear to outerwear to dresses…they really have it all.

Review:  The capri legging was unbelievable.  I loved the high rise (to hold in my tummy) and the fabrication was really high quality.  The tank I could take or leave.  The fit wasn’t tight (on purpose) but it left me feeling like I wasn’t getting the support I needed on top.  The cute print (gym clothes can be blah) was fun but not sure I would purchase this style.  I cannot say enough about the tunic.  I loved how long it was and the neckline was so easy to wear.  I will wear this every day that I go to the gym….and maybe some days I don’t:)

I hope you will pop by their site to experience all that Lole has to offer.  Next on my list is this cable neckwarmer!  They also have some great tee styles on SALE here!  Hope you find time for killer workout this week and Happy Shopping!

Tunic c/o Lole available here, Leggings c/o Lole available here, Tank c/o Lole available here, Sneakers Nike (my own)

All pictures were taken at Vive Fitness in Point Pleasant New Jersey

Review: Ellie Workout and Lifestyle Wear

So ladies…as you know…or maybe I didn’t share because it’s been so depressing…the scale was stuck.  Would. Not. Budge.  It just seemed like no matter what changes I made, I was destined to keep those 8 extra pounds (which sounds specific and silly but I want my “pre” Preston body back dammit).  Finally, this week…I am down three more pounds…yippee ki yay..I won’t say the rest.  Anyway…what am I crediting it to?  Still not totally sure but thinking it might be the extra dance class I started taking at the gym.  Since I am becoming a regular gym rat  (3x a week constitutes a gym rat, right?)….I decided to amp up my fitness attire.  Let’s face it, even at the gym…if you look good, you feel good!  You won’t find me head to toe matchy matchy…but investing in a few functional, flattering key pieces seems like a great idea.  Off to work on my fitness…review below:)

Sweatshirt from one of my boutiques (literally can’t make out the label), Capri’s c/o Ellie, Tank Old Navy, Sneakers Nike

I am wearing the Little Black Capri and couldn’t be more smitten.  They are a perfect fit and an extremely comfortable and durable fabric.  Although they aren’t as inexpensive as Old Navy (usually wear their compression leggings) they are definitely more wallet friendly than Lululemon (and aren’t see through like lulu often is).  Can we talk about how cute this shirt is?  I mean I would potentially wear that out at night with my favorite denim. I love this whole look, especially the leggings.  The brand mantra is all about a love of fashion and a love of fitness…two things that are extremely important in my life.  To learn more about the brand click here and to learn about their club and challenge click here.  In a nutshell….repeat customer over here:)

Lithe Studio and Street

Fashion and fitness rarely coincide, so when a Philadelphia PR agency reached out to introduce me to the Lithe Studio and Street line, I was immediately intrigued.  With an equal focus on functionality and style, Lithe Method creator Lauren Boggi collaborated with Philadelphia designer Bela Shehu to develop this 12 item line of clothing.  The idea behind this collection resonated with me, as SO many of my clients complain that they spend their entire day in workout clothes- with zero focus on their fashion sense. This collection of clothing allows you to do just that, minus the guilt since you are current, fashionable and modern.  The photos below showcase how to wear the items in studio and on the street.  Check out some of the designs below.

I had the opportunity to visit the Old City Lithe Studio last week to take a tour and to touch feel and try on the products. The quality is great and there are finishes and details one would normally not see on workout gear.  Prices range from $40 to $125 and are available at any of the three Lithe Studio locations.  If you are interested in finding out more about Lithe Method and/or the clothing featured here…..definitely check out their blog  FitHipHealthy.

I never said I left empty handed!  Featuring the vegan leather leggings on my way to yoga.  They were surprisingly comfortable…..I am already planning a Saturday night outfit around these leggings….taking the “street” part a little more seriously than the “studio”.

Happy Shopping!