Camo: Day and Night

I am really into all things camo lately…as you can tell from this recent post. One item I really want to make way into my closet are camo skinnies…I have yet to try a pair on, so who knows how I will feel in them…but hopefully good…as I have limitless outfit possibilities in my head…Below are a few I would love to try!  Now I just need to find an inexpensive pair that works for this thirtysomething who still has a few lbs to lose.  Will keep you posted for sure.  Hope you find some outfit inspiration and HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND.

Camo Skinnes

8 thoughts on “Camo: Day and Night”

  1. You know, I ‘m not a fan of Camo but you have convinced me of my ignorance with your awesome style schemes. Those camo pants would look killer with the nude heels and the orange clutch. I would love to see you post some of these looks on your blog!


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