Box Service

Box ServiceMy most popular service was created out of a need to reach beyond the great state of New Jersey and every woman’s need for convenience. A box, filled to the brim with clothing and accessories, curated specifically for you based on a detailed survey, is shipped directly to your doorstep. Each look is styled head to toe by me and tailored just for you. By partnering with my favorite boutiques, I bring unique, affordable, one of a kind looks that you won’t see on anyone. I send roughly double your budget so you are able to make choices, deciding on your favorite items and never feeling as though you are settling. Imagine an amazing seasonal wardrobe styled for you without the hassle of online shopping or the dreaded mall. It simply does NOT get better than this!

1. $50 fee for service that covers shipment costs to you. Shipment of unwanted items is the clients responsibility.

2. Clothing must be tried on within 48 hours of receipt and unwanted items must be shipped back on that third day.

3. There is a minimum purchase for each box of $450 not including the service fee. All clothing and accessories are marked with retail prices, no up-charges of any kind.



For further information or to get started booking your box please contact Carly.

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