TSF and Box of Style

Considering I have my own personalized Box Service  it is kind of hard to believe I don’t subscribe to more of them.  Truth be told, not one of them has ever WOW’d me to the point that I said… “I must try this”….UNTIL NOW!

I have partnered with Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style to share my experience with her Summer 2018 box.  I am SMITTEN.  Like seriously smitten.  Obviously, Rachel has killer taste but what I love most about this particular curation is that it is SO usable.  The towel is colorful and vibrant but functional for the beach or pool.  The coverup is perfect over any bathing suit but chic enough to tuck into denim for an “outfit”vibe.  The earrings go with EVERYTHING and are nice and lightweight.  The tote is the chicest pool/beach bag I have seen in a while and last but not least the Kate Somerville lotion might just be a new addiction.  So fresh and hydrating.

I also love this box service because it is seasonal (quarterly) NOT monthly.  Monthly is a huge commitment and I find that you usually don’t even finish with or tire of a product in 4 weeks.  Seasonal gives you a longer time frame to enjoy your goodies and you are actually ready and looking forward to your next #boxofstyle



Bathing suit is NOT in box.  LSpace and available HERE






All photos by Adalie Scott Photography


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What to Wear: Graduations, Weddings and Showers

These beautiful dresses sort of speak for themselves, so I won’t hold you up with lots of fancy fashion language. Hahaha.   I hope you find some Spring/Summer outfit inspiration and have a GREAT WEEK!  #summerstyle


Dress available HERE,  Necklace available HERE, Bag available through me Carly@thirtysomethingfashion.com $100, Shoes available HERE or more affordable option HERE




Dress available HERE,  Necklace available HERE, Shoes available HERE and more affordable option HERE





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Beauty Buzz



Living for this purple color pallette from Tica Cosmetics.  I plan to rock this smokey purple eye ALL SUMMER.





Gosh, I really really need to stop beating a dead horse…but if there is ONE new person to the blog, I want them to know about these two scrubs! Life isn’t worth living if you don’t exfoliate.  Ha!

Get the ZO Polish through my friend Kelley Knows.  If you need help reaching her, just shoot me an email Carly@thirtysomethingfashion.com  Happy to facilitate!

GET THE SEACRET SRUB through my friend Kim.  ORDER IT HERE!  




I have been using this 1/2 times a week for about 2 months and LOVE the results.  White without being TOO fake white…its almost like exfoliation for your teeth.  It is a little messy, but once you have it down, it is easy peasy. Pricey but you only need a little powder, so it will last you for months.





I literally DIE over these glosses.  Each color is prettier than the next…so many NEW spring shades.  They glide on like perfection and never leave my lips dry.  My favorites right now are “Wonder” and “Pixie” and I love to mix them together.





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