Birthday Mash Up!

As most of you know, my baby turned 2 this weekend- Wanted to share my easy entertaining outfit, some birthday party shots and some favorites from my two year old photo session with the best New Jersey family photographer, Nicole Rosemarie.  If you live in the Jersey Shore area, she is amazing! Hope you find some outfit inspiration and have a great week:)

Shirtdress Quicksilver, Vest Banana Republic, Necklace SOKO, Bracelet Leigh Ann Barnes, Belt Nicole Miller, Bag Tano, Cowboy Boots Frye

Probably my most worn boots in my entire closet. I have had these Frye “Billy” for years and they just get better with age.


My mother in law got him this fun slide, and he didn’t leave it ALL day.

Literally all day…..

Probably my favorite shot from the photo session.  Photo credit Nicole Rosemarie Photography

He looks like SUCH a big boy here…..   Photo credit Nicole Rosemarie Photography

I always love candids…great moment she captured here!  Photo credit Nicole Rosemarie Photography

Happy Shopping!

43 thoughts on “Birthday Mash Up!”

  1. Oh wow! What amazing photos of Connor 🙂 He is sooo cute! Those little slides are fun. They are great because they are small enough for indoors too (especially when it’s cold outside). Cute plaid shirt dress!

  2. Awww…Connor is adorable! I love his curly hair 😀 just too cute! OK…how awesome is it that over the wknd I found a blouse similar to your dress? Multi-colour gingham with ruffles…now a dress would have been nice too!

  3. Happy Birthday Connor! I’m coincidentally wearing a very similar outfit as yours today. It’s the perfect Fall outfit

  4. Beautiful photos C. He is SO adorable! Love the black/white picture of him and the last one of the two of you especially, just beautiful!

    And you look gorgeous, love those boots!

  5. Hello love! I’ve been M.I.A. for just over two months and I’m finally making my way back to blogging. Happy Birthday to your son! He is absolutely adorable and the photographer did an amazing job on the photos. I also love your ruffle shirtdress and it looks great with those boots. I hear everyone rave about Frye and might just have to see what all the hype is about.

  6. You look adorable in that outfit…and how cute is Connor!?! I love that last picture of you guys and his curls are just precios. My Connor turns 2 in two weeks – where does the time go??? He also has the curls, but in red 🙂

  7. Carly, your son is so big now! Happy birthday to the big boy- yay! And you, look great! That outfit is super fun, it’s a bit like Western chic 🙂 The photographer pics are gorgeous as well. I love the last one with son and mommy!

  8. First of all? Your little guy? GUH. I want to eat him up. Those eyes are gorgeous.

    Secondly? I will send you my address immediately so you can put those Frye’s in the mail toot sweet.


  9. Well now, I have a shirt dress just like that, guess what I am wearing tomorrow. I hope that your little guy had a wonderful 2nd birthday, and those are some beautiful photos, you must be thrilled.

  10. Your outfit is fantastic! Comfy and chic!
    And holy heavens your son is the most handsome young man! What precious smiles! His hair is similar to my 2 year olds. Blonde and curly.
    I think when Gabriel turned two it hit me that he was no longer my baby. Bittersweet!

  11. Happy birthday to your little man! He is gorgeous, of course. They photos are precious and you look like a total Glamamom in your plaid and boots! xo

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